What army regulation covers inventories?

What army regulation covers inventories?

The Army Regulation 740-26, Physical Inventory Control, is what governs Army inventories. Other pertinent regulations include AR 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability; and AR 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level.

What is the purpose of AR 600-20?

AR 600-20 provides guidelines on how to implement programs to provide support to the Soldiers by caring for their families. When the Soldier knows their family is cared for, positive morale will motivate him or her to perform better and be a part of the unit cohesion. Families are a part of that unit cohesion.

What army regulation covers command supply discipline program?

Follow-up to ensure supply discipline is maintained. Responsibilities and guidance for the CSDP is covered by AR 710-2, para 1-10.

What is the purpose of a change of command inventory?

The change of command inventory will start jointly performing a property book to hand receipt inventory verifying that all items on the property book are on hand/sub-hand receipt, in locked storage under the commander’s direct control, or on valid requisition.

What Army regulation covers Flipl?

Army Regulation (AR) 735-5, Chapter 13, governs the FLIPL system. It can be found at www.apd.army.mil. RIGHTS IF YOU ARE FOUND LIABLE: If the financial liability officer (FLO) recommends that you pay for the loss or damage, the FLO must allow you to examine the entire FLIPL report and to submit a rebuttal statement.

What Army regulation covers statement of charges?

AR 735-5
AR 735-5, paragraph 12-2 allows a person to pay the actual loss to the Government when the person admits that he or she is financially liable.

Where do you walk when walking with someone that is senior to you?

Walk on the left of and slightly behind an officer or NCO of superior rank.

What ar covers chain of command?

What additional purpose does AR 600-20 serve? It provides guidance covering military discipline and conduct, precedence of rank, and the military Equal Opportunity (EO) Program. What is meant by the term “Chain of Command?” It is the succession of commanders, superior to subordinate, through which command is exercised.

Who is responsible for supply discipline?

In the Army, Company Commanders are required to initiate a Command Supply Discipline Program in their respective units, in accordance with AR 710-2, appendix B, and AR 735-5, paragraph 11-1. The Command Supply Discipline Program is a compilation of existing regulatory requirements.

What army regulation covers statement of charges?