What is Greek name day?

What is Greek name day?

Name days are a religious celebration, common across many of the Christian European countries. That means a large percentage of Greeks are baptized into the Greek church at a young age, carry the name of saint and celebrate their name days.

Who was Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox?

On July 20 the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates Prophet Elias. The Holy Prophet Elijah is one of the greatest of the prophets and the first dedicated to virginity in the Old Testament. He was born in Tishba of Gilead into the Levite tribe 900 years before the Incarnation of the Word of God.

When was Saint Elias born?

Saint Elias of Enna, born John Rachites (Greek: Ἰωάννης Ῥαχίτης; 822/823 in Enna – August 17, 903 in Thessaloniki), is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church….Elias of Enna.

Saint Elias of Enna
Venerated in Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy

Is name day the same as birthday?

In Christianity, a name day is a tradition in some countries of Europe and the Americas, and Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries in general. It consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one’s given name. The celebration is similar to a birthday.

Is Elijah a Catholic saint?

Due to his importance to Muslims, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians, Elijah has been venerated as the patron saint of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1752….

Feast 20 July (Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)
Patronage Carmelite Order Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is the meaning of the name Elias?

The Lord is my God
Elias is believed to be a variant of the biblical name Elijah which means “The Lord is my God.” It can also be interpreted to mean “The strong Lord” or “Jehovah is God.” It’s traditionally used as a name for boys but can be used for other genders.

What does the name Ilias mean in Greek?

Ilias as a boys’ name is of Greek and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ilias is ” Jehovah is God”.

Why are there so many Greek name days?

Greek Name Days. According to Greek Orthodox tradition, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to some Christian saint or martyr. When someone in Greece is named after one of these saints, that saint’s celebration day becomes their “name day” and is celebrated much like their actual birthday. For instance, St.

What are some of the nicknames for Ilia?

Ilia doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives; the most common ones are: Lias, Liakos, Liakouras, Iliakos. Ilias is a discreet person and always quiet. He knows how to avoid the stumbling rocks and finds happiness in creating a family.

What are the Greek names that are celebrated in July?

— Greek names that are celebrated in : July — Name Date Month icon bio 238 18 40 27 27 ANARGYROS (2) (Anargyros, Anargyri) 1 July COSMAS (1) (Kosmas) 1 July