How much does thunder down under cost?

How much does thunder down under cost?

When shopping for your Thunder From Down Under tickets you can expect to pay an average price of $154.52 a ticket. The most you can pay is $207.00, which is often for seats near the front of the stage.

Does Thunder From Down Under strip?

And unlike other male revues that don’t allow men to see the show, they are welcomed at Thunder. From watching the men strip down to next to nothing to having them act out your wildest fantasy and then bounding down into the audience for up-close interaction, Thunder From Down Under is both sexy and entertaining.

Can you drink at Thunder Down Under?

Can I buy drinks at the show? There is a full bar inside the showroom. You can also purchase drink specials and bottles of champagne prior to your show date either online or call us at (702) 701-7778.

How long does Thunder from Down Under last?

Australia’s Thunder from Down Under is an Australian male revue who perform in Las Vegas, NV and tour internationally. The show is a 90-minute, interactive performance with choreographed dance and flashing lights.

What should I wear to thunder down under?

The answer is pretty much anything you want. Think of it more like a party than a show. It is very common to see groups of women dressed up celebrating a bachelorette party or birthday event with matching dresses, sashes, boas, and tiaras. Other guests come wearing comfortable clothes.

Who owns Thunder from Down Under?

Their main competitor is Chippendales. The show is co-owned by Adam Steck and founder Billy Cross. Since its debut in 1991, nearly 10 million people have watched them perform….Australia’s Thunder from Down Under.

Thunder from Down Under signage at Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Formation 1991
Location Australia, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

What is the age limit for Thunder Down Under?

18 or older
Guests must be 18 or older to attend.