How do I enable cheats in rage?

How do I enable cheats in rage?

To activate the cheats, go into your Settings menu, and then down to Cheats. You can turn each cheat on or off there. If you bought the Deluxe Edition of the game, you’ll have some cheats in the menu even if you haven’t found Mangoo yet.

What do the cheats do in Rage 2?

Rage 2 Cheats

Rage 2 Cheat Cheat Description Cheat Cost
Diamond Geezer Enables Danny Dyer as a commentator 2,000
Git Gud All enemies go down in one hit 1,000
He’s on Fire Enables the NBA Jam guy as a commentator 2,000
Red Barrel Rain Drops a cluster of red barrels in front of you 2,000

What are Rage cheats?

Enter the following codes for the desired effect.

  • cvarAdd g_permaGodMode 1 – Enable God Mode.
  • cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo 1 – Enable infinite ammo.
  • cvarAdd g_permaGodMode -1 – Disable God Mode.
  • cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo -1 – Disable infinite ammo.
  • cvarAdd pm_togglesprint 1 – Enable sprint toggle.

What does son of Thor do in Rage 2?

When the “Son of Thor” Cheat is activated, the player becomes electric, electrocuting any enemies that get too close.

What is the best weapon in RAGE 2?

The Combat Shotgun is the most powerful and useful weapon in the early game (before you go out exploring the dangerous wasteland). This gun is perfect for taking down unarmored or fast moving targets quickly and easily, especially at close range.

Do cheats disable trophies RAGE 2?

But first, please note that activating gameplay cheats in RAGE 2 permanently disables Trophies on your current save file. If you want to check cheats out but still want to earn Trophies, be sure to make a new save.

What is the best weapon in Rage 2?