What is the best scenic drive in Colorado?

What is the best scenic drive in Colorado?

  1. Trail Ridge Road. Trail Ridge Road is one of the most spectacular drives in all of Colorado, and ranks up there as one of the top in the world.
  2. Mount Evans Road.
  3. Pike’s Peak Highway.
  4. The Million Dollar Highway.
  5. Top of the Rockies.
  6. Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway.
  7. Poudre Canyon.
  8. Dinosaur Diamond Scenic and Historic Byway.

What 14ers can you drive up in Colorado?

Best 14ers in Colorado (for beginners and beyond)

  • Grays Peak (14,270 feet) – near Keystone, CO.
  • Torreys Peak (14,267 feet) – near Keystone, CO.
  • Huron Peak (14,003 feet) – near Aspen, CO.
  • Mount Elbert (14,433 feet) – near Aspen, CO.
  • Windom Peak (14,082 feet) – near Durango, CO.
  • Longs Peak (14,259 feet) – near Estes Park, CO.

Why is it called Highway of Legends?

The highway rises to Cuchara Pass on the shoulder of the Spanish Peaks. The Tarahumare Indians held these summits as sacred and believed that all life on earth originated from the area.

What is the easiest route over the Rockies?

Congratulations, you have crossed the Rockies the easy way (the Union Pacific way). From here, the only sensible road is I-84 west (actual northwest) – some time around Boise you should be planning your route into Oregon proper.

Is there an app to plan out a road trip?

Roadtrippers is one of the best (and most popular) road trip planner apps out there. You can plan your journey (adding up to 150 stops with a premium account), collaborate with friends or family, and discover great places to stop along your route, like national parks, roadside attractions, hotels, and more.

Is I-70 scenic?

The drive is very scenic across southeastern Utah, running through fascinating landscapes and winding through the spacious Spotted Wolf Canyon for truly mesmerizing views. The route reveals vast deserts, deep canyons, sheer cliffs, and unique rock formations.