Where is Beckett BGS located?

Where is Beckett BGS located?

The new BGS office is located at 22840 Savi Ranch Parkway, Suite 200, in Yorba Linda, Calif. For more information, or to schedule an appointment at the California office, contact BGS Regional Sales Manager Justo Vazquez via phone at 714-200-1934, fax at 800-249-7761 or email at [email protected]

Can you go to Beckett in-person?

Beckett Grading Services has an office in New York for collectors in and around the area to submit cards for grading in-person.

Which is better PSA or Beckett?

Beckett tends to be the preferred service for new cards, while PSA is an expert when it comes to vintage pieces.

Can you drop off cards at Beckett?

Only “Beckett Certified Graders” are allowed to grade cards in BGS. Beckett/CBCS offices will be closed for Walk-in drop-offs and pickups, effective July 27, 2020. If you have any questions regarding the local drop off/pick-up procedures, please contact the BGS Sales Manager based in the Dallas office 972-448-9144.

Does Beckett do on site grading?

Beckett on-site review services allow our customers to find out what grades their cards deserve before they submit them to BGS or BVG. Offered at the Beckett booth at a show near you!

Does Beckett do walk in grading?

You typically also have the option to walk-in and submit your grading order directly to the Beckett offices in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It is mentioned on Beckett.com that you don’t need to set up an appointment and just need to stop in during normal business hours.

Is getting cards graded worth it?

You should ONLY get your cards graded IF it will increase the value or make the sale of the card(s) easier. You should NOT get your card graded just because you THINK it will improve the value. Money that sometimes isn’t returned because the grades assigned to the cards do not improve their value.

Is a Beckett 9.5 better than a PSA 10?

PSA 10’s routinely sell for as much as 2.5x their BGS 9.5 counterpart. While there’s a lot of collectors who love to boast about how they prefer BGS for their PC because they prefer the look and quality of the BGS slab none of those same people will argue the value for PSA 10 is greater than BGS 9.5. It’s just a fact.

How long does it take to get cards graded from Beckett?

Beckett Authentication Services does not offer guaranteed turnaround times; however, we strive to complete each order submitted for authentication within 20 business days. Note, orders submitted for Card & Autograph grading have a 30 business day turnaround time.

Does grading cards increase value?

Grading is an expense, and you may actually end up with cards that sell for the same or even less than if they were sold ungraded. Just because the card is in a plastic slab with a numerical grade does not automatically increase its value. This card is not gradable because it won’t add to the value of the card.