What are the best places to visit in Portland OR?

What are the best places to visit in Portland OR?

Top 5 Places to Visit Near Portland, Oregon 5. Silver Falls State Park 4. Mount Rainier National Park 3. Columbia River Gorge 2. Oregon Coast 1. Mount Hood National Forest

What is interesting about Portland OR?

Interesting Facts about Portland. 1. Portland, Oregon, was named in a coin toss after Francis Pettygrove’s hometown of Portland, Maine. If Asa Lovejoy had won, we would live in Boston, Oregon instead.

What to do in Portland, OR?

Best Things To Do in Portland, OR. If you’re looking to pub crawl, try the excellent bars and breweries. If you travel in June, take part in the annual Portland Rose Festival at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park or stop by the International Rose Test Garden to see why Portland is known as the City of Roses.

What are the best things to see in Portland Oregon?

Things to See. Portland has some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the United States, including the International Rose Test Garden, Japanese garden, Forrest Park, Washington Park, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and the Grotto. Visiting the Oregon Zoo is a must, as is driving out to the scenic Columbia Gorge area to see Multnomah Falls .

What is Portland, OR known for?

What Portland is Known For. Portland, Oregon is known for its outdoor scene which includes thousands of miles of beautiful trails within just a 30 minute drive from the city. Mount Hood steals the show from a distance with an elevation of 11,250 feet. Portland is also known for its coffee, breweries, and art scene.

What are some tourist attractions in Portland Oregon?

Portland is home to several historic and modern attractions, including a city zoo, a science and industry museum, a park overlooking the Willamette River , a Japanese garden, a performing arts center, a historic theater, a forestry museum, a veterans memorial and a historic courthouse square.

What is there to do in Portland Oregon?