How wide is a nightstand?

How wide is a nightstand?

Nightstand sizes depend on the space of a bedroom and the size of the bed frame. Standard nightstands are typically 21″ – 29″ wide and pair well with queen- or full-sized beds. Twin-sized beds look best with a narrower silhouette. For large king-sized beds, opt for a wider nightstand to match the scale.

What is the minimum size of the side table?

Wooden Side Table, Size/Dimension: 18 X 14 X 16

Color Refurnished polished
Design Standard, Customized
Size/Dimension 18 x 14 x 16
Minimum Order Quantity 10

What is the standard size of a bedside table?

Standard Table Dimensions (Inches)

Tables Height Width
Bedside 26 15
Buffet 34 24
Card 30 36
Coffee 19 18

What is the standard size of bedside table?

The average measurements of a bedside table or nightstand are 20 inches in height, 20 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. This provides more than enough room for a lamp, book, and clock. Some have shelving, drawers, or cabinets built-in.

How wide should a side table be?

The average width of an end table is between 16″ – 22″. When deciding on a side table, be sure yours has a surface wide enough to hold any desired items, like books, plants, or table lamps. Additionally, leave a few inches between the end table and sofa.

What is the correct height for a bedside table?

Proper Nightstand Height As a general rule of thumb, the top of your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress, or about 2-4” taller. It’s much easier for somebody to reach above to grab something when they’re laying on the bed, as opposed to reaching below.

What is the correct height for bedside table lamps?

24 to 27 inches tall
The sweet spot for bedside lamps is 24 to 27 inches tall. “You don’t want a tiny lamp on a big table or a small table with a towering lamp,” says Griffin.

What should be the height of bedside table?

The ideal height for a nightstand or bedside table is roughly even with the top of the mattress, i.e.; the sleeping surface (see below). Give or take a few inches, you want the top of the table to be level with the mattress, making it easy for you to reach and creating a clean sightline across the bed.

How far should your nightstand be from your bed?

Your bedside table should be within reach of your bed. Spacing in a room is important, so it should be at least one or two inches from the side of your bed, level with your mattress, or a few inches taller. However, it can be further depending on your reach and your personal design preferences.