Do you need 4WD for Quobba station?

Do you need 4WD for Quobba station?

The keen traveller doesn’t need a 4WD to get there, however to really explore this area, it would be useful. This spot is mostly known for its world class surfing break and fishing reputation. The Bluff’s crystal coastline meanders endlessly with an abundance of marine life making it their playground.

Can you swim at Quobba station?

The ‘Aquarium’ at Point Quobba – Located 75km north of Carnarvon and 1km south of the Blowholes is Point Quobba, a calm coral filled lagoon with fish and shells in abundance. With a white sandy beach this area is ideal for snorkelling, safe swimming, sun bathing and a great family picnic spot much favoured by locals.

Does Quobba station have phone reception?

And while there’s no showers or fresh water available there is fantastic composting toilets and rubbish collection. Plus there’s a small shop/cafe, you can have fires if you byo wood or buy it on site, and there’s even a good old fashioned pay phone as you’ll get zero phone reception.

Is there phone reception at Red Bluff?

No wi-fi, no phone reception, no emails, no work calls, no Minecraft or You Tube, no Netflix or Stan, no consumerism or wants – just the Indian Ocean, a stunning Ningaloo Reef, the caves of the Bluff and something very special called Totoka Day Spa.

Are there crocodiles in Carnarvon?

They have also been recorded in isolated rivers in the Pilbara region, around Derby and Broome, and as far south as Carnarvon on the mid-west coast. Crocodiles and alligators both belong to the Order Crocodilia.

Is Gnaraloo road sealed?

The Quobba Gnaraloo Road is a sealed and an unsealed road in Western Australia. For cyclists and those towing caravans, boats or heavy loads the Quobba Gnaraloo Road is a fairly flat road with the steepest gradient/incline along its length being only about 4% (highlight point | zoom to point).

Is Red Bluff open?

Area Status: Open The area used to be home to timber mills, but now provides a serene spot for camping and enjoying nature.

What can I bring to Red Bluff?

Important esssentials for Red Bluff, Western Australia, Australia

  • proof of COVID-19 vaccination if you have it.
  • vaccine card protector.
  • N95 masks for top protection.
  • kids’ KN95 masks.
  • hand sanitizer.
  • touchless thermometer.
  • travel disinfecting wipes (for plane, etc)

Can you swim at Red Bluff?

Red Bluff Beach is a popular location for snorkelling, fishing and swimming.

Is it worth going to Exmouth?

Home to the Ningaloo Marine Park, Exmouth is the jewel in WA’s crown. And with daily flights direct from Perth, it’s surprisingly accessible (although if you enjoy road trips, the scenic 12hr drive from Perth is definitely worth the trip).

What kind of fishing is at Quobba Station?

Quobba Station has a reputation as one of Australia’s longest stretches of coastline for Land Base Game Fishing. Try ballooning, spinning, bottom bouncing, salt water fly and spear fishing. “Quobba Station is equal to any land based game fishing in the world – I have been coming for 42 years, and always find it hard to leave.”

How long is the trip up to Quobba?

Quobba Station | Fishing – – Fishing WA. Fishing Photos & Videos A mate and I are making our first week long trip up to Quobba in 2 weeks.

How big is the water depth at Quobba?

The 80 kms of Quobba Coastline is a unique piece of Australia. There are very few places where you can see such a rugged yet so beautiful coast. With the water depth reaching up to 80ft, casting distance from the rocks, the opportunity to catch game fish is almost unlimited.

Where is the best place to spin on the Quobba coast?

It is at its best during the summer season for the annual shark mackerel and cobia run. The Ledge is located North, near the 13 mile fence line and is the best spinning location on the Quobba Coast. The Ledge caters for saltwater fly, spinning and bottom bouncing.