Why does my baby have a line on his forehead?

Why does my baby have a line on his forehead?

Summary. A metopic ridge is a prominent ridge running down your child’s forehead. It is where suture lines meet between the two bony plates. A birth defect called craniosynostosis, in which one or more sutures fuse prematurely, can cause a metopic ridge.

Where is the metopic suture located?

frontal bones
metopic suture runs between the frontal bones from the anterior aspect of the anterior fontanelle to the nasion. In the skulls of adults it is found anterior to the coronal suture along the superior mid- sagittal crest of the frontal bone.

What causes Metopic Ridge?

A metopic ridge is a ridge of bone or suture line on the forehead between the two halves of the frontal bone. The ridging is caused when the two halves close prematurely. The physical landmarks of the human face are very similar from one face to another.

How do you get rid of Metopic Ridge?

Metopic craniosynostosis can be treated with either strip craniectomy with use of molding helmet after surgery or fronto-orbital advancement, depending on the deformity. The goal of treatment is to restore a normal contour to the forehead and upper portion of the eye sockets.

Does Metopic Synostosis require surgery?

Surgery. Many children with moderate to severe metopic synostosis will require surgical intervention. Surgery for metopic synostosis: is designed to correct deformities in the facial and skull bones.

When does metopic suture go away?

The metopic suture is the only suture that fuses normally during childhood at anytime from 3-18 months of age. When the metopic suture closes earlier than normal, typically well before birth, it is called metopic craniosynostosis.

Is metopic suture normal?

All patients greater than 9 months of age within the study had complete metopic suture closure. Conclusion: Our findings suggest that normal or physiologic closure of the metopic suture occurs much earlier than what has been previously described.

At what age does the metopic suture close?

Our results showed that earliest closure of metopic suture occurred at three months and complete metopic suture closure in all patients occurred by nine months of age. Furthermore, approximately 33% showed complete suture closure a three months, 60% at five months, 65% at 7 months, and 100% by nine months of age.

What is the treatment for Metopic craniosynostosis?