What is in an air tasking order?

What is in an air tasking order?

As defined by Joint Publication 1-02, an air tasking order is: “A method used to task and disseminate to components, subordinate units, and command and control agencies projected sorties, capabilities and/or forces to targets and specific missions.

What is the Air Tasking Cycle?

The tasking cycle creates a daily articulation of the overall airpower strategy and planning efforts. The tasking cycle is the means Airmen use to accomplish deliberate and dynamic targeting, among other requirements.

What is the purpose of an air tasking order?

An Air Tasking Order (ATO) is a powerful tool that aids the Combined Air Component Commander to efficiently and effectively plan, organize and direct air operations through centralized planning.

What is an air control order?

The airspace control order (ACO) is an order that provides the details of the approved requests for coordination measures such as airspace coordinating measures (ACMs), air defense measures, and fire support coordination measures (FSCMs).

What message is request airspace?

The use of a United States Message Text Format (USMTF) facilitates and standardizes the process of requesting the establishment of airspace control measures. Airspace request formats outline the necessary information to include location, lateral and vertical limits, and timeframe during which the measure is enforced.

What are the two methods of airspace control?

METHODS OF AIRSPACE CONTROL Airspace control uses positive control, procedural control, or a combination of both. Positive control is conducted by elements designated by the airspace control authority (ACA).

What is the difference between commanding and supporting?

In the most basic sense, Field Manual 6-0 says that command relationships define command responsibility and authority while support relationships define the desired purpose, scope, and effect when one capability supports another.