What is a recirculated wastegate?

What is a recirculated wastegate?

A Recirc’d dump fuctions the same way as an open gate, but instead places the exhaust gasses in the downpipe. This dramatically reduces the amount of noise the car creates in boost, but the tradeoff is the wastegate gasses have to fight with the escaping gasses passing through at the entry point.

What is an open wastegate?

#4 · Jun 26, 2002 (Edited) Running an open wastegate generally refers to not running the outlet of the wastegate back into the downpipe. Venting the output of the wastegate results in a LOUD bark when the gate is open.

What does an open dump downpipe do?

Registered. It helps with even flow in the exhaust and reduce turbulence. open dump is like having a bigger downpipe once the wastegate opens.

What is a wastegate dump?

The dump tube is if you have an external wastegate dumping to the atmosphere and not being returned into the exhaust. The dump tube is usually just a pipe that is flanged to go on the wastegate and then it leads down so that it isn’t dumping the exhaust into the engine bay.

What is open dump car?

open dumps…. they take the exhaust gases that are by-passing the turbo via the wastegates and dumping them straight out to the atmosphere. Generally turbo setups reroute these gasses back into the exhaust system. By dumping them rather than rerouting back into the exhaust, you are relieving backpressure.

What happens if wastegate is stuck open?

If it was stuck closed, you would spike most likely hard overboost. Stuck open you would be slow getting into boost(REALLY laggy) and you would run wastegate pressure.

Can you run open wastegate?

Running an open WG could quite potentially cause overspin and kill the turbo. I don’t think so, wiring it open does not affect the compressor side so the buildup of pressure will still govern the RPM. The RPM will stay a lot lower then with the WG closed.

How can you tell if the wastegate is stuck open?

When should wastegate open?

The wastegate is held shut by a spring inside the actuator, but when the boost pressure exceeds the pre-set maximum, it compresses this spring, progressively opening the wastegate. This allows the exhaust gases through, so that they bypass the turbine, regulating its speed.

What happens if wastegate doesnt open?