What are hydrocarbons?

What are hydrocarbons?

A hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Hydrocarbons are naturally-occurring compounds and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important energy sources.

What is an alkane in chemistry?

The alkanes are a homologous series of hydrocarbons . This means that they have similar chemical properties to each other and they have trends in physical properties. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. This means that their carbon atoms are joined to each other by single bonds.

What is the common name for Methylbenzene?


Systematic IUPAC name Methylbenzene
Other names Phenyl methane Toluol Anisen
CAS Number 108-88-3

What are alkynes also known as?

major reference. In hydrocarbon: Alkenes and alkynes. Alkenes (also called olefins) and alkynes (also called acetylenes) belong to the class of unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons. Alkenes are hydrocarbons that contain a carbon-carbon double bond, whereas alkynes have a carbon-carbon triple bond.

What is the simplest hydrocarbon?

The simplest hydrocarbons are called alkanes. Alkanes are made exclusively with single bonds between the carbon atoms. Figure 1 shows some small alkane molecules – notice that all the C-C bonds are single bonds. This means that all carbons in an alkane have a tetrahedral geometry.

What is meant by Annulene?

An annulene is an unsubstituted monocyclic hydrocarbon whose Lewis structure has alternating double bonds and single bonds. An annulene can be named as [n]annulene where n is the number of carbon atoms in the molecule. see also aromatic annulene, antiaromatic annulene, nonaromatic annulene.

What is the simplest alkyne?

Ethyne is more commonly known under the trivial name acetylene. It is the simplest of the alkynes, consisting of two carbon atoms connected by a triple bond, leaving each carbon able to bond to one hydrogen atom. Since both carbon atoms are linear in shape, all four atoms lie in a straight line.

Can hydrocarbons have oxygen?

Hydrocarbon combustion refers to the chemical reaction where a hydrocarbon reacts with oxygen to create carbon dioxide, water, and heat. Hydrocarbons are molecules consisting of both hydrogen and carbon. They are most famous for being the primary constituent of fossil fuels, namely natural gas, petroleum, and coal.