Who has the most subscribers on YouTube in Germany?

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube in Germany?

Top 100 YouTubers From Germany

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: 12.2 Million Subscribers.
  • Kinder SpielzeugKanal: 9.9 Million Subscribers.
  • Ice Cream Rolls: 8.7 Million Subscribers.
  • Freekickerz: 8.4 Million Subscribers.
  • CrazyFrogVEVO: 8.0 Million Subscribers.
  • BibisBeautyPalace: 5.9 Million Subscribers.

Who is the best German Youtuber?

16 Most Entertaining and Interesting German YouTubers to Watch

  • Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt. 1.46M subscribers.
  • psychologeek. 144K subscribers.
  • Robert Hofmann. 607K subscribers.
  • Sophia Thiel. 1M subscribers.
  • Sallys Welt. 1.94M subscribers.
  • SlivkiShow DE. 1.77M subscribers.
  • Dagi Bee. 3.97M subscribers.
  • JoergSprave. 2.84M subscribers.

How popular is YouTube in Germany?

The majority of German YouTube users at 98 percent used the app at least once a month, according to a 2020 survey. On the other hand, 87 percent said they logged on weekly, while 47 percent did so every day….Frequency of YouTube use in Germany as of 3rd quarter 2020.

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Is there a German language YouTube?

The YouTube channel Get Germanized has 235,889 fans. This is the most popular channel for learning German. Beginners start with a lesson on the German alphabet. Advanced learners can find out about German dialects and German culture.

Who is the biggest French YouTuber?

Squeezie. Squeezie is the most popular French YouTuber, in terms of number of subscribers. He publishes videos about video games, his life and other random topics.

Is learn German with Anja good?

“Anja is an absolutely superb teacher! I have had lessons from a variety of German teachers and Anja is by far the best. German is not an easy language to learn and not only does Anja do a great job of teaching but she is a joy of a person which makes learning a lot more fun!”

What is the best channel to learn German?

Learn German YouTube-style: 30 Must-watch Channels for German Learning Videos

  1. Deutsch für Euch (German for You)
  2. Easy Languages.
  3. Learn German with Herr Antrim.
  4. GermanPod101.
  5. Get Germanized.
  6. smarterGerman.
  7. Lingoni German.
  8. Deutsch mit Marija (German with Marija)

Is German easier than French?

Nitty-gritty things like these can make getting started a bit of a challenge – but between the two, French will be a little easier, with (slightly) fewer endings to learn. That said, experts largely agree that the more German you learn, the easier it gets, while French gets more complicated the deeper you dive in.

What are some good French YouTubers?

French Youtubers: Comedy

  • 1 – Greg Guillotin (Around 3.5M subscribers)
  • 2 – Ludovik (Around 1.5M subscribers)
  • 3 – Mister V (Around 5.7M subscribers)
  • 4 – Norman fait des vidéos (Around 12.2M subscribers)
  • 5 – Kemar (Around 1.3M subscribers)
  • 6 – Natoo (Around 5.1M subscribers)
  • 7 – Seb la Frite (Around 4.5M subscribers)

Do French people watch YouTube?

YouTube usage in France As of 2019, a survey shows that 20 percent of French respondents used YouTube daily, an increase of four percentage points since 2018. According to Médiamétrie’s estimates of social media usages among French, 70 percent of the time spent watching YouTube videos was on a mobile device.

What was the relationship between Germany and Italy during World War 2?

However, they had a very difficult relationship during the war. There was tension at the heart of the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini’s governments. Mussolini had come to power sooner and was in many ways the figurehead for the far right in Europe.

When was the last time Italy played Germany?

Italy met Germany again in the semi-final match of Euro 2012 in the evening of 28 June 2012 at National Stadium in Warsaw. Prior to this match, Germany had set a world football record with 15 consecutive wins in competitive matches, which included all matches of Euro 2012 up to that point and the qualifiers.

What is the rivalry between Italy and Germany?

The Germany–Italy football rivalry ( German: Deutsch-italienische Fußballrivalität; Italian: Rivalità calcistica Germania-Italia) between the national football teams of Germany and Italy, the two most successful football nations in Europe, is a long-running one.

When did Italy switch sides in World War 2?

Oct. 13, 1943 | Italy Switches Sides in World War II. German Federal ArchiveItalian soldiers surrender to British troops in 1943.