Who is Nick Jonas wife?

Who is Nick Jonas wife?

Priyanka Chopram. 2018
Nick Jonas/Wife
Nick Jonas, who recently reunited with his wife Priyanka Chopra in London, cannot seem to stop admiring her.

Who is Nick Jonas ex girlfriends?

Nick Jonas features in ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus’ latest Instagram post, their fans can’t believe their eyes. Miley Cyrus shared a throwback picture of her and singer Nick Jonas. The two Disney alums were rumoured to be dating when they were younger.

Who did Nick Jonas date in 2007?

While Nick may now be married to Priyanka Chopra, his relationship with Miley Cyrus made some major headlines back in the early 2000s. The Camp Rock star and Hannah Montana alum took their relationship public in August 2007, just before the JoBros opened for Miley on the Best of Both Worlds Tour.

What disease does Nick Jonas have?

Nick suffers from Type 1 diabetes. In 2018, he spoke about it in an Instagram post. “13 years ago today I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The picture on the left is me a few weeks after my diagnosis.

How much older is Nick Jonas wife than him?

Priyanka Chopra said she gets “a lot of s—” about the age difference between her and her husband Nick Jonas. In a 2019 interview with InStyle magazine, Priyanka Chopra said that a lot of people are critical of her and husband Nick Jonas’ age difference, which is about 10 years.

Who has Nick Jonas date?

Miley Cyrus. After meeting at a charity event, Miley Cyrus and Jonas started dating in 2006 when they were both 13 years old.

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