Who is interim Mayor of Boston?

Who is interim Mayor of Boston?

Kim Janey. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Kim Michelle Janey (born May 16, 1965) is an American politician who is currently serving as the City Council President and Acting Mayor of Boston.

Who is the new Mayor of Boston Mass?

Kim Janey is the 55th Mayor of Boston. Mayor Janey is leading Boston through the COVID-19 pandemic with a citywide agenda for recovery, reopening and renewal. A proud fourth-generation Roxbury resident, Mayor Janey comes from a long line of educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates.

Is Mayor Kim Janey a Democrat?

Democratic Party
Kim Janey/Parties

Who was the 54th Mayor of Boston?

Walsh, a lifelong champion of working people and a proud product of the City of Boston, was the City’s 54th mayor. Mayor Walsh was sworn in to serve a second term on January 1, 2018.

How much does the mayor of Boston make?

Salary. As of 2018, salary for the mayor is $199,000.

Who is the mayor of Somerville MA?

Joseph CurtatoneSince 2004
Joseph Anthony Curtatone (born June 28, 1966) is the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts. Curtatone has served in this capacity since taking office in 2004.

Where does the mayor of Boston live?

Walsh resides in the Lower Mills neighborhood of Dorchester with his longtime girlfriend Lorrie Higgins.

Has there ever been a black Mayor in Boston?

He served as Mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, and is a former Democratic candidate for United States Senate in 2012. He is the first popularly elected African-American mayor in Massachusetts.

Who was the first black Mayor in the USA?

Carl Stokes
Preceded by Inaugural holder
Succeeded by Phillip DeLaine
Personal details
Born Carl Burton StokesJune 21, 1927 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Who takes over for mayor of Boston?

The mayor’s office is in Boston City Hall, in Government Center. The current acting mayor is Kim Janey, who succeeded Marty Walsh on March 22, 2021. In addition to Walsh, there is one other living former mayor, Raymond Flynn, who served in the role during 1984–1993.