What nationality is Jeannie D?

What nationality is Jeannie D?

South African
Jeannie D/Nationality

What is Jenny D doing now?

Jeannie D. Jeannie D will explore African for a new travel show. The TV personality has a new role as a presenter on the Travel Africa Network. The Travel Africa global broadcast TV channel will launch in March 2021.

Is Jeannie D Married 2020?

Jeannie D husband She is in a relationship with Brennan Wright. Brennan Wright is a model, CEO of Diggit, and a web developer. Brennan Wright and Jeannie are not yet married.

What car does Jeannie drive?

Jeannie, who stunned in a Gert-Johan Coetzee number was glowing as she proudly confessed she have an Aston Martin of her own. “I can’t wait. It’s getting delivered next week.”

Who is Jeannie D dating 2021?

March 2021: Jeannie and Jeezy get married.

Are the host of Top Travel married?

However, word on the grapevine was that Janez Vermeiren and Jeannie D had an affair at some point. This is false as Jeannie D is engaged to be married to her long-term boyfriend, Jon Firth. Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren are simply co-hosting Top Travel, and they keep their relationship very professional.

Why is Jeannie D not on afternoon express anymore?

Jeannie D left “Afternoon Express” earlier this year to pursue her passions. Jeannie revealed that she is also working on other projects.

Are Top Travel hosts married?

Janez Vermeiren and Jeannie D – South African television’s most lovey-dovey on-screen couple. They’re not married (yet) (or to each other) – but they probably should be: the Top Billing and Top Travel presenters Janez Vermeiren and Jeannie D on SABC3.

Are the host of top travel married?

Who is the presenter of Afternoon Express?

Afternoon Express is a variety show hosted by the dynamic Palesa Thembe since 2018 and Boitumelo Mogoai (Tumi) who joined as our resident chef after winning The Taste Master SA in 2019.

Where is afternoon express filmed?

Cape Town

Afternoon Express
Production location Cape Town
Camera setup Shawn Inskip Peter Nielson Rudy Drega
Running time 60 Minutes
Production company Cardova

Why did Jeannie D Leave afternoon express?