How do you play card game categories?

How do you play card game categories?

10: Categories – The player who picked the card chooses a category. Then everyone goes around and says something that fits in the chosen category. Whoever cannot think of anything in the category has to drink. Good categories to use include types of liquor, car companies, and types of cereal.

What is categories in drinking games?

One person will name a category. The person next to them will start by coming up with one part of the category, then the next person will go, and it continues until one person gets stuck and can’t think of anything. They drink! And the game starts over with another person naming a category.

What are the categories for the game categories?

Here’s a list of categories which you could use when playing the categories game: countries, games and sports, cities, animals, food and drink, verbs, adjectives, jobs, famous people, things you find in the bathroom/kitchen, things you take on holiday, fruit and vegetables, things that fly, things that are yellow.

Is there a game called Categories?

The game of Categories inspired Scattergories, the board game where players need to name objects within certain categories starting with a particular letter of the alphabet.

When do you have to drink in a drinking game?

In this game every turn both players flip a card and the higher card gets to take both and put them on the bottom of their deck. Whenever players tie they add 3 face down cards to the pot each and then flip to see who wins them all. Whenever a player has the lower card, they must drink.

Which is the best drinking game with cards?

Kings Cup is the classic among drinking games with cards. The “get-shitfaced” probability makes this game the highlight of a party. You need at least four players for Kings Cup. The cards are placed face down on the table and a big cup is placed in the middle of the table.

What’s the name of the drinking game for the dealer?

The Fuck the Dealer drinking game is a classic card drinking game that is fun for both the dealer all other players, where guessing the cards correctly or incorrectly in a row results in drinks for either players or the dealer.

How does the Kings Cup drinking game work?

Kings Cup is played clockwise and round-based. Each turn, a player picks and turns over a card. Each card represents an action. When a card is turned over, the player who uncovers the card, executes the action assigned to the card. To perform a waterfall, each player starts drinking their beverage at the same time as the person to their left.