What is a substance abuse policy?

What is a substance abuse policy?

A substance abuse policy is a principle or protocol of an organization that aims to maintain a healthy work environment free from the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol. This is intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the employees.

How do you create a drug policy?

6 Tips for Creating a Drug Policy & Alcohol Policy

  1. Discuss—out loud—the company’s objectives.
  2. Get outside expertise.
  3. Make the policy accessible to everyone.
  4. Clearly state what’s prohibited conduct and make it company-specific.
  5. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a robust FAQ section.

What should be included in a drug and alcohol policy?

The workplace drug and alcohol policy should clearly state the aim of the policy, such as to:

  • Protect employee health and welfare.
  • Prevent drug and alcohol-related incidents.
  • Foster a safe workplace environment.
  • Encourage safe and positive behaviors.
  • Discourage drug and alcohol use.

What are the three elements of a substance abuse program?

A recent publication of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Overview of Addiction Treatment Effectiveness (Landry, 1996), divides substance abuse treatment along three dimensions: (1) treatment approach — the underlying philosophical principles that guide the type of care offered and that …

What are some workplace policies?

Here are some examples of common workplace policies that could assist your workplace:

  • code of conduct.
  • recruitment policy.
  • internet and email policy.
  • mobile phone policy.
  • non-smoking policy.
  • drug and alcohol policy.
  • health and safety policy.
  • anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

Is drinking at work a dismissible Offence?

The employer has to handle addicts like sick and disabled people, and treatment should be part of the employer’s strategy. However, being drunk at work constitutes misconduct and an employee can be dismissed.

What are the steps for establishing a substance abuse free workplace?

Drug and alcohol employee training, aka employee awareness training….Drug and Alcohol Testing: How it’s done, when to do it, and your options for administration.

  1. Draft a Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  2. Train Your Supervisors.
  3. Train Your Employees.
  4. Start An Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  5. Drug and Alcohol Test Your Employees.

What is drug free workplace training?

Drug-Free Employee Education This education session focuses on raising employees’ awareness of the effects of mood-altering substances on the workplace as well as the indicators of substance misuse and addiction.

Do I have to inform employer of medication?

A: Generally, no. Asking employees about prescription medications constitutes a medical inquiry under the ADA, in part because it may reveal information about an employee’s disability. Medical inquiries may be made of employees only if they are job related and consistent with business necessity.

What makes a treatment effective?

Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug abuse. To be effective, treatment must address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems.