What can I make with blade in little alchemy?

What can I make with blade in little alchemy?

What we can Make from Blade in Little Alchemy

  • Glass will give you blender.
  • Electricity will give you blender.
  • Airplane will give you helicopter.
  • Grass will give you scythe.
  • Wood will give you axe.
  • Human will give you blood.
  • Blade will give you scissors.
  • Pencil will give you pencil sharpener.

How do you make a lightsaber on little alchemy?

How to make lightsaber in Little Alchemy?

  1. electricity + sword.
  2. energy + sword.
  3. light + sword.

How do you make a weapon in little alchemy?

Walkthrough for gun in Little Alchemy

  1. earth + fire = lava.
  2. air + earth = dust.
  3. dust + fire = gunpowder.
  4. air + lava = stone.
  5. fire + stone = metal.
  6. gunpowder + metal = bullet.
  7. bullet + metal = gun.

How do you make money with herbalism and alchemy?

Simply put, there are three ways alchemists make money: crafting and selling potions, crafting and selling flasks, and transmuting objects of low value into objects of higher value.

What can you mix with family on little alchemy?

What can you make with family in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
tree family tree

How to make a sword in Little alchemy?

Shortly speaking on this page provides to you Little Alchemy Sword cheats and guide. In this simple game the Sword can be made with 2 combinations given below. Also the Sword participates in 8 combinations for receiving other elements. See also all other Little Alchemy Cheats on site main page, there you can find simple elements search box.

Which is the best cheat sheet for little alchemy?

Littlealchemyguide.com is the best cheats Guide for Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2. Combinations, Find out how to make combos, and What Elements Make. Find cheat sheet formulas here!

What’s the best way to make a sword?

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