Why was it called Knight Rider?

Why was it called Knight Rider?

stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand, based on the car’s fictional creator, Wilton Knight. The car went by another name when the series was early in its production: T.A.T.T., which stood for Trans Am Two Thousand.

What was Michael Knight’s original name?

Michael Arthur Long
Michael Long Born Michael Arthur Long on January 9, 1949 outside of Los Angeles, California, raised by a blue-collar working family. In the late 1960s, Long joined the Army, was part of the Green Berets, and spent three years in counter-intelligence work in Vietnam.

Who was Karr in Knight Rider?

Peter Cullen
KITT’s evil twin is KARR, whose name is an acronym of Knight Automated Roving Robot. KARR was voiced first by Peter Cullen and later by Paul Frees in seasons one and three, respectively, of the NBC original TV series Knight Rider….Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT)

Knight Industries Two Thousand
Nickname KITT

Is The Knight Rider dead?

An operative of The Foundation for Law and Government (F.L.A.G.), he works with the intelligent car K.I.T.T. to fight crime….Michael Knight.

Knight Rider Character
Michael Knight
Birth Date January 9, 1949 (Michael Arthur Long) January 13, 1953 (Michael Knight – drivers license)
Death Date

What are the names of the TV series Knight Rider?

Knight Rider is an American entertainment franchise created by Glen A. Larson. The core of Knight Rider is its four television series: Knight Rider (1982–1986), Code of Vengeance (1985–1986), Team Knight Rider (1997–1998), and Knight Rider (2008–2009).

What kind of car is Knight Rider three thousand?

KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) is an artificially intelligent car that can hack any system, shoot weapons like a jet fighter, and use nanotechnology to transform into other vehicles. This is a sequel to the 1982 TV series of the same name. Did You Know? Chris Rock turned down an offer from David Hasselhoff to voice K.I.T.T.

Who is the heading flag in Knight Rider?

Heading FLAG is Devon Miles, who provides Michael with directives and guidance. Dr. Bonnie Barstow is the chief engineer in charge of KITT’s care, as well as technical assistant to Devon (April Curtis fills this role in Season 2).

Why was the car named KITT in Knight Rider?

This car, named KITT, is virtually indestructible, due to a high-tech coating applied to it. Knight Rider stories usually depict either average citizens, or ethical heads of corporations, being bullied into subservience to an overbearing or ruthless criminal organization.