What is HasRows DataReader?

What is HasRows DataReader?

The HasRows property returns information about the current result set. If the DataTableReader contains multiple result sets, you can examine the value of the HasRows property immediately after you call the NextResult method in order to determine whether the new result set contains rows.

What does SqlDataReader read do?

SqlDataReader objects allow you to read data in a fast forward-only manner. You obtain data by reading each row from the data stream. Call the Close method of the SqlDataReader to ensure there are not any resource leaks.

Which property of SqlDataReader class is used to check if SqlDataReader has rows?

SqlDataReader. HasRows Property (System. Data.

What is data reader in Ado net?

In ADO.NET, a DataReader is a broad category of objects used to sequentially read data from a data source. DataReaders provide a very efficient way to access data, and can be thought of as a Firehose cursor from ASP Classic, except that no server-side cursor is used.

Is it necessary to manually close and dispose of SqlDataReader?

You must ensure the Close method is called when you are through using the SqlDataReader before using the associated SqlConnection for any other purpose. Do not call Close or Dispose on a Connection, a DataReader, or any other managed object in the Finalize method of your class.

What is SqlDataReader in Ado net?

ADO.NET SqlDataReader Class. This class is used to read data from SQL Server database. It reads data in forward-only stream of rows from a SQL Server database. It inherits DbDataReader class and implements IDisposable interface.

What are the advantages of Ado net?

Interoperability. The ability to communicate across heterogeneous environments.

  • Scalability. The ability to serve a growing number of clients without degrading system performance.
  • Productivity. The ability to quickly develop robust data access applications using ADO.
  • Performance.
  • Which object is used to fill a DataSet in Ado net?

    DataReader object
    The Fill method uses the DataReader object implicitly to return the column names and types that are used to create the tables in the DataSet , and the data to populate the rows of the tables in the DataSet .

    What’s the difference between hasrows and read in SQL?

    Under the surface though, they’re doing quite different things. HasRows is simply telling you whether or not there are any rows to read, whereas Read () advances the internal cursor to the next row in the data, and incidentally returns False if there are no more rows to read, or True if there was another row available.

    When to use reader.hasrows instead of read?

    Read () will return False if there are no more rows to fetch, but Reader.HasRows is much more telling as to what it does than Read () so it would be a good practice to use Reader.HasRows because you may accidentally do something other than Read () which may fall into exception. Be careful.

    Do you have to check if DataReader contains row?

    No.. It is not mandatory to check (dr.HasRows) if the DataReader contains any row or not.

    When to call nextresult in sqldatareader.read?

    Not strictly an answer to this question but if you use the DataTable.Load method to consume data from the reader rather than Reader.Read note that after the Load method has completed, the reader is now placed at the start of the next result set so you should not call the NextResult method otherwise you will skip the next resultset.