How do I fix the Audio sync on my Apple TV?

How do I fix the Audio sync on my Apple TV?

You can use an iPhone to calibrate the audio signal on your Apple TV so that all speakers play in sync.

  1. Open Settings. on Apple TV.
  2. Go to Video and Audio, then scroll down to Calibration.
  3. Select Wireless Audio Sync, then follow the onscreen instructions for using your iPhone to sync your speakers.

How do I change Audio settings on Apple TV?

How to change the speaker output on Apple TV

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Audio and Video.
  3. Select Audio Output.
  4. Select your preferred speaker output.

Does Apple TV have lossless Audio?

Apple TV 4K currently doesn’t support Hi-Res Lossless (sample rates greater than 48 kHz).

How do I get surround sound through Apple TV?

In the Apple TV main screen, click on the Settings app. Scroll down to Audio & Video and then find the option for Dolby Digital. Make sure it is set to “on” or “auto”. For Apple TV 4 and 4K, look for Surround Sound and select “Best Quality Available.”

Why is the volume on my Apple TV so low?

Go to the Settings on Apple TV, then to Video and Audio. Audio format: By default, Apple TV uses the best audio format available. You can change the audio format if you’re low volume problems with playback. Select Audio Format, then select Change Format and choose either Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 5.1, or Stereo.

Why does my Apple TV sound weird?

If you are experiencing distorted audio with AirPlay speakers, try adjusting the AirPlay volume on Apple TV. Go to Settings > Audio and Video > Audio Output. From there, you can drill down into your AirPlay speaker settings and adjust the volume. Lowering the AirPlay volume on Apple TV should reduce distortion.

How can I make my Apple TV louder?

With your Apple Remote, select Settings > Audio & Video. Change the Audio Output setting from Auto to 16 bit.