Why is Kiton so expensive?

Why is Kiton so expensive?

There are two reasons as to why Kiton is so expensive when compared with other suit brands: The first reason is the materials used. The second reason is that every suit is handmade. This requires significantly more labor hours per suit, and therefore costs a lot more money as a final product.

How much does a Kiton suit cost?

For example, a typical Kiton made-to-measure suit is a 50-hour labor of love and starts at about $5,000, whereas a bespoke suit from New York tailor Leonard Logsdail requires about 48 hours of work with a price of about $5,500.

Is Kiton a good brand?

This investment in tailoring expertise is a large part of what makes Kiton renowned as one of the highest quality tailoring brands in the world. Part of the brand ethos has always been uniting these long-established skills with the finest (and rarest) fabrics available.

Is Kiton a luxury brand?

Kiton is an Italian luxury menswear company founded by Ciro Paone in 1968 and based in Arzano, in the Metropolitan City of Naples.

How good are Kiton suits?

It is extremely soft and loose-fitting, the ideal fabric for unstructured suits and perfect for wearing in the in-between seasons period. Cashmere: Soft, shiny and of noble pedigree: Kiton cashmere is a fabric with unique characteristics. It has excellent thermal properties, as well as being soft and light.

What is Sartorio by Kiton?

Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive sartorial brand made by Kiton. Based in Naples, Sartorio provides Italian-made suits and sportcoats with soft Neapolitan shoulders and hand-finished details. Sartorio carry on the sartorial perfection of the Neapolitan memory, reinterpreted in a modern, and relaxed, corporate key.

What is Kired by Kiton?

Sid Mashburn teamed up with Kired, a brand made by the Italian tailoring masters at Kiton, to creat this two-in-one wonder that’s perfect for inclement weather. The outer is luxe cashmere while the inner features a waterproof layer that you’ll be grateful for in rain and slush.

Who wears Oxxford suits?

Clientele. Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Walt Disney and Joe DiMaggio wore Oxxford Clothes.