What is an annunciator meaning?

What is an annunciator meaning?

annunciator. / (əˈnʌnsɪˌeɪtə) / noun. a device that gives a visual indication as to which of a number of electric circuits has operated, such as an indicator in a hotel showing in which room a bell has been rung. a device giving an audible signal indicating the position of a train.

What is the use of annunciator?

An annunciator is an array of indicator lights and associated circuitry designed to secure a human operator’s attention by blinking and sounding an audible buzzer when a process changes into an abnormal state.

How do you spell annunciator panel?

An annunciator panel, also known in some aircraft as the Centralized Warning Panel (CWP) or Caution Advisory Panel (CAP), is a group of lights used as a central indicator of status of equipment or systems in an aircraft, industrial process, building or other installation.

What is a visual annunciator?

The 24 VDC annunciator panel allows for 16 switch inputs to light up separate alarm areas via LED lights. Audible and visual alarm components serve as a warning system to indicate trouble and alarm situations, and includes silence capabilities.

What is the meaning of word Earthling?

An earthling is someone who lives on the planet Earth. In science fiction books and movies, people are called earthlings to distinguish them from aliens. You’re most likely to come across the word earthling in fiction, since we more often refer to ourselves as “people” or “humans,” assuming that we are all from Earth.

What is the need of alarm annunciator?

What is Alarm Annunciator? It is basically an audio visual warning system, which highlights the fault or mishap which is going on, or even before it happens. This is very necessary for safety concern also, and sometimes the warning comes before improper procedure which warns the operator to avoid unwanted accident etc.

What is an annunciator switch?

Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches are the nerve centers that translate Swichgage contact operations into decisions and operate the alarm or shutdown device. They are the electrical load carrying devices for the alarm or shutdown device.

What is a generator annunciator panel?

An annunciator panel enables the operational status and parameters of the generator system to be sent to another location remote from the generator location. The annunciator panel can be hard-wired to a control room and via an Ethernet connection transmitted remotely to a remote computer.

What are the different types of annunciator?

There are two basic annunciator types, alarm and alarm/trouble, each with its own expander module.

What type of word is Earthling?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearth‧ling /ˈɜːθlɪŋ $ ˈɜːrθ-/ noun [countable] NAME OF A PERSONa human – used in science fiction storiesExamples from the Corpusearthling• But earthlings attempting to borrow found a different reality.

What does annunciatory mean?

Annunciatory meaning In the nature of an announcement.

What is a fire alarm annuncatior?

A fire alarm annunciator is the component of the fire alarm system that displays the status of the fire alarm system using visible and audible indicators. A fire alarm annunciator is commonly called a remote annunciator and is located in an area of the building separate from the FACP.

What does annunciator drop mean?

Annunciator Drop. The little shutter which is dropped by some forms of annunciators, and whose fall discloses a number, character or inscription, indicating whence the call was sent. Fig. 15. DROP ANNUNCIATOR. Fig. 16. ANNUNCIATOR DETACHING MECHANISM.