What order should you read Terry Pratchett in?

What order should you read Terry Pratchett in?

The Discworld Novels (in chronological order by publication date):

  • The Colour of Magic.
  • The Light Fantastic.
  • Equal Rites.
  • Mort.
  • Sourcery.
  • Wyrd Sisters.
  • Pyramids.
  • Guards! Guards!

Do I have to read Discworld in order?

No you don’t need to read them in order BUT you should reach each characters storyline in order. I.e, read the Rincewind books or Sam Vimes stories in order.

Which book is after Mort?


No. Title Published
1 The Colour of Magic 1983
2 The Light Fantastic 1986
3 Equal Rites 1987
4 Mort

How many disc world books are there?

41 Discworld novels
In total, there are 41 Discworld novels published over 32 years. The books can be read in any order but for ease we have created two downloadable lists for you that will help you to fully explore the stories and characters of Discworld.

Who married Mort?

After the events of Mort, Mort leaves Death’s service and marries Ysabell. The couple are given the title of Duke and Duchess of Sto Helit, and later become the parents of Susan Sto Helit.

What killed Terry Pratchett?

Alzheimer’s disease
Terry Pratchett/Cause of death
Pratchett, famous for his colourful and satirical Discworld series, died in March 2015 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

What is the best Discworld novel to start with?

How to Read Discworld: The 7 Best Discworld Books for First-…

  • Sourcery.
  • Going Postal.
  • Hogfather.
  • Guards! Guards!
  • Mort.
  • Night Watch.
  • The Wee Free Men.

How old is Terry Pratchett?

66 years (1948–2015)
Terry Pratchett/Age at death

Can adults read Terry Pratchett?

Discworld works better as an adult. Read it! I’d definitely urge you to read it. While there’s some adolescent-friendly humor (silly puns, body function jokes), most of it is mature humor, based on deep knowledge of human nature and society.