What are the units for NPSH?

What are the units for NPSH?

NPSH is a measurement of pressure above vapor pressure, so the units of NPSH (in the U.S.) are just psi or feet.

How do you calculate NPSH?

Explanation: To calculate NPSH Available, take the source pressure , add the atmospheric pressure , subtract the losses from friction within the pipeline and subtract the vapor pressure of the fluid . The result equals the NPSHA (or Net Positive Suction Head Available) of your system.

What is NPSH value?

NPSH stands for Net Positive Suction Head and is a measure of the pressure experienced by a fluid on the suction side of a centrifugal pump. NPSH is defined as the total head of fluid at the centre line of the impeller less the fluid’s vapour pressure.

What is available NPSH?

NPSH Available (NPSHA): The absolute pressure at the suction port of the pump. NPSH Required (NPSHR): The minimum pressure required at the suction port of the pump to keep the pump from cavitating. NPSH or Net Positive Suction Head is a very important part of a pumping system.

What is NPSH pump curve?

The NPSH curve displays the minimum required inlet pressure (expressed in m) allowing the pump to pump in accordance with the performance curve and in order to prevent evaporation of the pumped fluid so as to avoid cavitation inside the pump.

What does negative NPSH mean?

NPSH is effectively margin before boiling. Negative NPSHA means that your liquid is boiling before it gets to the pump. It will then suffer a further decrease in pressure as it accelerates into the impeller eye.

How do you maintain NPSH?

How to Increase the NPSH Margin to a Pump

  1. Increase the liquid level in the suction vessel.
  2. Eliminate any flow restrictions in the suction piping (such as a strainer)
  3. Operate at a flow rate less than the pump bep (see figure 3).
  4. Install an Inducer, if available.
  5. Change to a low NPSHR impeller, if available.

How do you prevent pump cavitation?

Some tips to prevent cavitation due to vaporization include:

  1. NPSHa > NPSHr + 3 ft or more safety margin.
  2. Lower temperature.
  3. Raise liquid level in suction vessel.
  4. Change out pump type.
  5. Reduce motor RPM.
  6. Use impeller inducer.
  7. Increase diameter of the eye of impeller.