How accurate is Not Without My Daughter?

How accurate is Not Without My Daughter?

The movie starred Sally Field and was based on a memoir written by Betty Mahmoody. It’s the true life tale of how Betty agreed to leave the U.S. with her Iranian husband and their daughter to visit his family in Tehran.

What happened to the woman in Not Without My Daughter?

After the escape, they moved to central Michigan near Owosso, not far from Betty’s family. She has worked in nonclinical roles in Michigan, until the chronic disease lupus forced her to take time off from work. Mother and daughter took precautions, but Mahtob says she has lived a normal life.

Who are the real people from Not Without My Daughter?

Not Without My Daughter True Story – Real Mahtob and Betty Mahmoody. Did the Mahmoody family really have a house on the water in Alpena, Michigan? USA, circa 1984.

What is the plot of the movie Not Without My Daughter?

Betty Mahmoody (Sally Field) is an American woman married to “Moody” (Alfred Molina), an Iranian-American living in the United States. When Moody informs her that he wants her and their daughter, Mahtob (Sheila Rosenthal), to visit Iran with him, Betty is reluctant because of the country’s harsh treatment of women. When the family arrives in Iran, Betty discovers that her husband plans to stay in the country for good, and has no intention of letting her or Mahtob return to the United States.
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Is there a sequel to Not Without My Daughter?

Mahtob is a devout member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. In 2015, Mahtob’s memoir My Name is Mahtob was published. Though it depicts Mahtob’s version of her family’s story, My Name is Mahtob has been considered a sequel to her mother’s book, Not Without My Daughter.

What year did not without my daughter come out?

11 January 1991 (USA)
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How long is movie Not Without My Daughter?

1h 56m
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What year did Not Without My Daughter come out?