What station has jazz music?

What station has jazz music?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel Type
KBCU 88.1 MHz Terrestrial
KBEM-FM 88.5 MHz Terrestrial
KBSK & KBSU-FM 89.9 MHz & 90.3 MHz on HD2 Terrestrial
KCCK-FM 88.3 MHz Terrestrial

Is Jazz FM still available?

The Jazz FM name was retained by GMG for the relaunched ejazz.fm website service which was renamed jazzfm.com on the same day as the launch of Smooth FM….102.2 Jazz FM.

First air date 4 March 1990
Website jazzfm.com

How many jazz stations are there?

Nationwide, the health of jazz on public radio is less than robust, according to Mr. Thomas. There are only 42 stations devoted to jazz in the country.

Why can’t I get Jazz FM on DAB?

After much speculation, Jazz FM has announced it will be removing itself from the national DAB platform Digital One later this month. The station will move from D1 to Switch Digital in Greater London in addition to online platforms from January 1st 2014.

Who runs Jazz FM?

Bauer Media Group
The station, in this incarnation set up by Richard Wheatly, can trace its roots back to 102.2 Jazz FM, which launched in 1990. The current station launched on 6 October 2008 at 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC)….Jazz FM (UK)

Format Jazz, soul and blues
Owner Bauer Media Group

What radio station is smooth jazz?

Radio Stations Guide

Station City Country
113.FM The Wave Los Angeles USA
113.FM Watercolors Los Angeles USA
181.FM Greenville USA
4U Smooth Jazz Margate USA