What vacuum tubes are interchangeable?

What vacuum tubes are interchangeable?

Normally equivalent vacuum tubes such as a 6J5 or 6J5GT or 6J5G are electronically the same. They may have a different construction, i.e. metal versus glass, or a different glass shape. They will perform the same.

What was the new device that replaced vacuum tubes?

The transistor, which essentially functions as a solid-state electronic switch, replaced the less-suitable vacuum tube.

What is the solid equivalent of vacuum tubes?

junction field-effect transistor
The solid-state device which operates most like the pentode tube is the junction field-effect transistor (JFET), although vacuum tubes typically operate at over a hundred volts, unlike most semiconductors in most applications.

Are vacuum tubes obsolete?

In most applications, the vacuum tube is obsolete, having been replaced decades ago by the bipolar transistor and, more recently, by the field-effect transistor . However, tubes are still used in some high-power amplifiers, especially at microwave radio frequencies and in some hi-fi audio systems.

Which vacuum tubes are valuable?

Sought after by Audiophiles, these include the common U.S. made 6L6 ($15-$25) and 12AX7 ($8-$15). If it’s a Telefunken brand you can easily double or even triple the price. Some newer Western Electric tubes are also sought after by Audiophiles for use in amplifiers and vintage stereos.

What happens if a vacuum tube breaks?

Myth 3: Vacuum tubes explode when broken. We would not be in this business if our products exploded. If broken, a vacuum tube implodes,due to the negative pressure of the vacuum. This means the glass stays put, posing no projectile hazard.

What are old vacuum tubes worth?

According to many factors such as type, status, and use, old radio tubes’ value range in price from some to hundreds and thousands of dollars. For example, an RCA electron tube costs around $15, while a 101D vintage vacuum tube can take you $400.