What is off-peak public transport?

What is off-peak public transport?

Travel outside these times will be eligible for a 50% fare discount: 6:30am to 10am on Sydney Trains, Sydney Metro, light rail and bus (currently 7am to 9am) 6am to 10am on Intercity Trains (currently 6am to 8am) 3pm to 7pm on Sydney Trains, Intercity Trains, Sydney Metro, light rail and bus (currently 4pm to 6:30pm).

What does off-peak mean Translink?

Metro / Glider Day Ticket (Peak or Off-Peak travel available) – Unlimited travel for one day throughout the Metro and Glider network. Travel starts on the day you purchase your ticket and is valid for travel for the rest of the day. Off-Peak tickets can only be purchased after 9.30a.m. Monday-Sunday.

Is PTV free on public holidays?

On weekends and public holidays, your daily myki Money fare is capped at $6.40 (half price for concessions). You can enjoy all-day unlimited travel in Zone 1+2. Some customers are eligible for free weekend travel. Find out more at Concessions and free travel.

Is Sunday train off-peak?

Weekends and Bank Holidays are Off-Peak all day. Please use the Journey Planner to choose your desired time of travel and click ‘check ticket availability and prices’ to display the complete range of fares available for your journey.

What does peak and off-peak mean train?

Peak Fares are charged during business rush hours, on any weekday train scheduled to arrive in NYC terminals between 6 and 10 AM or depart NYC terminals between 4 and 8 PM. Off-Peak Fares are charged all other times on weekdays, all day on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays as listed below.

Is public transport free in Melbourne Christmas?

On Christmas Day, metropolitan and regional public transport will run to a regular public holiday timetable and will be free from 3am until 3am on Boxing Day, with Night Network services running through the night. Passengers using a myki are not required to touch on and off and will not be charged if they do.

Is myki money cheaper than pass?

Myki Pass is designed for regular travellers. You pay up front for unlimited travel during a period – at a cheaper per day rate than Myki Money – so it’s good value if you use it a lot. For everyday travellers who can afford the up-front cost, one of the cheapest options is a Commuter Club Yearly Pass.