How many statutory holidays are there in Hong Kong?

How many statutory holidays are there in Hong Kong?

12 holidays
According to the Employee Ordinance of the Labour Legislation, 12 of the 17 public holidays are compulsory for employers to give to the employees. These 12 holidays are known as statutory holidays (Chinese: 法定假期), labour holidays (Chinese: 勞工假期), or factory holidays (Chinese: 工廠假期).

What are the 12 statutory holidays?

The 12 statutory holidays for 2021 are:

  • The first day of January. 1 January.
  • Lunar New Year’s Day. 12 February.
  • The second day of Lunar New Year. 13 February.
  • The fourth day of Lunar New Year. 15 February.
  • Ching Ming Festival. 4 April.
  • Labour Day. 1 May.
  • Tuen Ng Festival.
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day.

What is the difference between statutory holiday and public holiday?

Statutory holidays are public holidays recognized by the federal government or your province. Depending on your eligibility and employer, you are entitled to a day off without losing pay on these dates.

Are public holidays paid in Hong Kong?

Holiday pay should be paid to the employee not later than the day on which he is next paid his wages after that statutory holiday. The daily rate of holiday pay is a sum equivalent to the average daily wages earned by an employee in the 12-month period preceding the following specified dates.

Is Saturday a working day in Hong Kong?

There are a total of 262 working days for 5 days work, 288 working days for 5.5 days work and 314 days work for 6 days work in the 2020 calendar year in Hong Kong. Note: 5 days/week refer from Monday to Friday while 5.5 days/week refer that Saturday is a half day work and 6 days/week refer from Monday to Saturday.

How much is the salary of DH in Hong Kong?

For contracts signed on or after 1 October 2021, the minimum domestic helper salary is HK$4,630 per month. On top of this, domestic helpers are entitled to a food allowance of HK$1,173 per month or the employer must provide food. This is the minimum domestic helper salary, employers must pay at least this amount.

What statutory holiday means?

(ˈstætʃʊtərɪ ˈhɒlɪˌdeɪ) a public holiday; a holiday all workers are entitled to. Monday is a statutory holiday.

Can a company force you to work holidays?

At the most basic level, there is no federal law requiring private employers to give their employees holidays, even federal holidays, as paid time off. That means in general, private employers can require their employees to work Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and even Arbor Day if they so choose.

How much do you get paid for statutory holidays?

Casual employees who work on a public holiday are to be paid at the rate of double time and three quarters (275%) of the ordinary/base rate of pay, with a minimum of two hours at that rate.

How many days is a statutory holiday?

Your basic holiday rights There is a minimum right to paid holiday, but your employer may offer more than this. The main things you should know about holiday rights are: you are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (28 days for someone working five days a week)