What are the three Coloured circles on Audi Sat Nav?

What are the three Coloured circles on Audi Sat Nav?

As determined by NavTeq, (the Audi MMI Nav Plus map screen in North America), Blue = Interstate/limited access highways, Red= major roads, Yellow = main streets, White = minor streets.

What is a symbol on Audi?

The Audi symbol is four ceiling rings that reflect the four manufacturers of Auto Union. This Audi emblem signs the association of the brand Audi with others: Horch, DKW, Wanderer: the initial ring from at the left side represents Audi, the next represents DKW, the third is Horch, then the fourth ring is Wanderer.

What do the buttons in an Audi mean?

The (A) button is the automatic “parking brake” aka audi hill hold assist. If you press this button while moving it lights up to let you know it is activated.

What do the four rings on Audi stand for?

the Auto Union
It’s all about the Auto Union. The four rings represent four different automakers that merged in 1932 to create what was then called the Auto Union. The oldest of these automakers, Horch, was founded in 1899 by German engineer August Horch.

What does a off mean in Audi?

7y. It’s the auto stop-start defeat button.

What’s the A with circle around it Audi?

Registered. If you refer to the button with an A in a broken circle with OFF next to it, it’s the START/STOP button, which enables you to switch of the auto stop/start function.

Can you add navigation to Audi?

Audi has announced that you can now add navigation to some of its existing infotainment systems that weren’t ordered with it from the factory for the princely sum of $85 per month or $850 per year. The new subscription service can be purchased through the myAudi Marketplace in the myAudi mobile app.

What does Q stand for in Audi?

Q Models. Q stands for quattro®, Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive system. Models that begin with the letter Q are SUVs, crossovers, and wagons — and they always come equipped quattro®. Just like with Audi sedans, the Q3 is the smallest is the Q7 is the largest.