How much is a Lund boat worth?

How much is a Lund boat worth?

A Lund boat can cost you from $14,147 (Lund 1650 Angler), $18,983 (Lund 1870 Predator), and $22,147 (Lund 1775 Adventure Sport) to $38,800 (1875 Crossover XS), $47,301 (2025 Impact XS), and $77,036 (Lund 2275 Baron). Keep exploring and check out our guide on the best bowrider boats money can buy in 2021.

How much does a Lund Predator cost?

$22,361* Engineered to get through anything.

How long does it take to get a Lund boat?

Special order is the only option if you want a Lund. When I ordered it they said 4 to 6 weeks.

Are Lund predators welded?

It’s all welded and has a welded on deck. It may also have spray in foam.

Are jon boats good for fishing?

Are jon boats good for fishing? Jon boats are great for freshwater fishing in calm water and where access is limited. Jon boats are very practical, are inexpensive, and are very durable which make them a perfect fit for many fishing situations in freshwater.

Is Lund a good boat brand?

Lund boats have been around for over 70 years, and there are many advantages to buying a Lund boat. They are well respected for their aluminum boat construction, although they have also been building some fiberglass boats since the 1960’s.

Do Lowe boats have wood in them?

The one thing I really liked about the Lowe 150 is that it has no wood, especially in the transom. What other similar boats are there with no wood? I do not know of any that still have a wood transom. Tracker uses it on the decks most other manufacturers are wood free these days.

What is the widest aluminum fishing boat?

SeaArk is well known for creating the World’s Largest Jon Boat in 1994 at 24 feet long and 72” wide. It has since upped the ante by creating a 26-foot jon boat. In addition to toting the title of World’s Largest Jon Boat, SeaArk Boats can also claim the title of the #1 Catfishing Boat.

What kind of boat is Lund fishing boat?

Pro series tournament boat shown on the cover of Lunds catalog! Remarks: – Stock #219363 – 2017 20′ Lund 2025 Impact XS Multi Species Fishing Boat and Trailer. Max horse, 200 HP super charged Mercury Pro O/B and a Mercury Pro 9.9 Kicker.

What kind of boat is the Lund Alaskan Tiller?

The Lund 2000 Alaskan Tiller boat is built to weather the rugged trails of fishing guides. This wilderness camp boat gem is ideal for hunting, fishing, or general utility use in remote settings. The Lund Alaskan Tiller is the perfect fishing guide boat with a chop-cutting Deep V hull and includes two camo boat exterior finishes.

How old is the motor on a Lund duck boat?

The motor is from 1976 to 78 some where in there. The motor works great. It has been very stable boat fishing out of it and would make a great duck boat set up. New wiring and buddy bearings on the trailer.

Where are Lund Boats stored in the garage?

Remarks: – Stock #218308 – This boat has been stored in a heated garage every winter and is always in the garage when not in use, so it’s in excellent condition. If you are in the marke… (read more)