Are Ironman Bullbars any good?

Are Ironman Bullbars any good?

Ironman bullbars are desiged and developed in Australia, but manufactured overseas. They are a bloody good bar, and IMO i cannot justify the extra cost of the arb, I have the Ironman fitted to my patrol along with their rails and side steps and cant fault them, the strength has been tested by several times by roos.

Are Bullbars worth it?

If you do a lot of driving on rough, unsealed roads, a bullbar is a very handy after-market addition to your vehicle. They’re also good value on vehicles that do the clear majority of their mileage on country roads.

Where are EFS Bullbars made?

EFS. The EFS Adventure Series is a premium steel bulbar. This bar is designed and developed in Australia to suit our harsh conditions. It has been tested to comply with ADR69 and is made from 63mm steel tube.

Is Ironman 4×4 made in China?

Introduction to Ironman 4×4: The company well known for its suspensions, leaf and coil springs, Ironman 4×4, is an Australian based venture which designs products specifically for 4x4s. Although the parts are manufactured in Australia, their chain is strong enough to deliver to other countries too.

How much does an Ironman bull bar weight?

Approximately 50kgs
Ironman Protector Bull Bars Are Made From Premium Grade Materials To Provide Maximum Vechicle Protection. The Protector Bull Bar Features Stainless Steel And Metalic Grey Design. Ironman 4×4 Protector Bull Bars Are Desiged, Tested And Engineered In Australia. Note – Average Bull Bar Weight Is Approximately 50kgs.

Do Bullbars use more fuel?

A bull bar adds weight to the front of the vehicle and can increase front tyre wear. Additional weight also increases fuel consumption and emissions.

Are Bullbars legal in QLD?

Bull bars may be fitted without specific approval, provided they are designed and fitted so that the safety of the vehicle is not adversely affected. Bull bars must be free of sharp protrusions and all exposed sections of the bull bar and fittings must be radiused and deburred.

Is Ironman 4×4 a good brand?

As per our research, the Ironman 4×4 has pretty good reviews. Although some of the reviews are bad, most of them are in favor of the company. Many of the people have complained about Ironman 4×4’s products get sagged after a while. This complain, however, is nothing as compared to the positive reviews of the people.

Is tough dog suspension any good?

Elsabe Du Toit recommends Tough Dog Suspension. Fitted 45 mm big bore 9 setting adjustable shocks to my Cruiser. EXCELLENT ride comfort! I have an 80 Series landcruiser that is fitted with Tough Dog gear notably the Foam Cell Shocks the ride height and handling are still A1 after well over 200000km on this kit.