Why is the Spanish word for pregnant Embarazada?

Why is the Spanish word for pregnant Embarazada?

The Spanish word likely comes from the Portuguese embaraçar (used in the same context of English embarrassment), which probably is a combination of the prefix em- (from Latin in- for “in-“) with baraça “a noose”, or “rope”, which makes sense with the synonym encinta (“on noose, on rope” because of the old usage of …

What does Embarazada sound like?

Wrong. “Estoy embarazada” in Spanish actually means “I’m pregnant”. Even though it looks and sounds like the English word, “embarrassed”, it is extremely unrelated. This is what we call a “false cognate” or “false friend”: A word that looks similar to an English word, but really isn’t.

What does Aguadilla mean in English?

‘Aguadilla’ comes from agua, which means water and the suffix –illa that means small. It basically means to dunk somebody in water. Who hasn’t dunked a friend in the pool?

How do you pronounce Embarazada?


  1. ehm. bah. rah. sah. dah.
  2. em. ba. ɾa. sa. ða.
  3. em. ba. ra. za. da.

Is coffee a cognate?

She writes: “These are words that share the same root, and, often enough, they’re a good indication that two languages developed from a common ancestor”. As she later admits, “coffee is a loan word. That is, it was borrowed, fully formed, from another language”. But that’s just it: loanwords are not cognates!

What is the meaning of Exito?

éxito m (plural éxitos) success. hit; something popular or well received.

What are cognates examples?

Cognates are words from different languages that have similar spellings, pronunciations, and meanings. For example, the word “accident” in English is very similar to the word “accidente” in Spanish. The spelling and pronunciation of both words are similar.

What is not a cognate?

a word in one language that is similar in form or sound to a word in another language but has a different meaning and is not etymologically related: for example, Spanish burro “donkey” and Italian burro “butter” are false cognates.

Is Aguadilla safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Aguadilla is as safe as the Puerto Rico state average and less safe than the national average.

What type of cognate is fatal?

Perfect Cognates

Spanish English
Fatal Fatal
Federal Federal
Festival Festival
Final Final