Can boys use Old Spice deodorant?

Can boys use Old Spice deodorant?

Adult antiperspirants can be used by children and teens. This includes brands like Certain Dri, Old Spice, Secret, and several other products on the market.

What age group uses Old Spice?

Old Spice’s core customer demo is men 35 to 55 years old.

What Old Spice scent is the best?

Old Spice Original High Endurance Stick
1. Old Spice Original High Endurance Stick – Best Old Spice Scent. It has the most basic & original scent by Old Spice. According to many people, this is the most amazing scent Old Spice has ever made.

Which Old Spice deodorant is white?

Old spice original high endurance Deodorant (White) 3oz Pack of 6.

Why does my 7 year old armpits smell?

It’s not actually uncommon for younger kids to have armpit smells. This smell is due to bacteria, sweat, and hormone changes. And as long as your child doesn’t have any other signs of puberty, and they’re under the age of eight, it’s not a concern.

What made Old Spice successful?

Old Spice showed an attractive man telling the female audience that their man could smell like him if he uses Old Spice. Within 30 days of the launch of the campaign, Old Spice saw over 40 million views on YouTube, and a 107% increase in body wash sales.

Which is better AXE or Old Spice?

However, which is actually better – Axe or Old Spice? After using both in the past – and still a fan of Axe body washes, my verdict is: Body washes: Axe wins with cool stuff like Dark Temptation. Body sprays: Old Spice is better in general – here’s their best, a mild, gentlemanly scent…

How Long Does Old Spice deodorant last?

Forged with real ingredients, this deodorant will destroy underarm odor for up to 48 hours. For aluminum-free deodorant with a long-lasting scent: Get up to 48-hour odor protection and an amazing scent with our Krakengard Deodorant. It smells like citrus, fresh herbs, and the unspeakable power of the ancient ocean.