Can you fish at Conesus Lake?

Can you fish at Conesus Lake?

Fish Management Conesus Lake has traditionally been a productive fishery for warmwater sportfish and panfish. Northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye comprise the sportfishery; yellow perch, bluegills, pumpkinseed and brown bullhead are the principal panfish.

Is Conesus Lake frozen?

For residents and visitors alike, Conesus Lake is renowned as a year-round sporting and water-based recreation destination. Fishing, power boating, sailing, canoeing/kayaking, swimming, and cycling (around the lake) are enjoyed in the warmer months. It is a rare winter when the lake does not freeze over.

What is the depth of Conesus Lake?

Conesus Lake/Max depth

Conesus Lake is approximately eight miles long and a mile across at its widest point. The surface area of the lake covers 3,240 acres or a little over five square miles. With an average depth of only 38 feet and a maximum depth of 66 feet, Conesus Lake is one of the shallower Finger Lakes.

Does Conesus Lake or lake Ontario have phosphorus or nitrate problems?

Based on water quality monitoring conducted over the last two decades, Conesus Lake was designated as an “impaired waterbody” due to the excessive nutrients (phosphorus) and harmful algal blooms, which could impact recreational uses in the lake.

Does Conesus Lake have blue green algae?

Harmful algal blooms of blue green algae have recently been found in areas throughout Conesus Lake. High levels of the toxic algae were found in the lake that is considered unsafe to come in contact with.

Can you swim in Conesus Lake?

Conesus Lake is well known as a year-round destination, offering warm-weather activities like water skiing and swimming, and cold-weather activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing. Long Point Park was once a lake amusement park, and now offers one of the lake’s only official public swimming spots.

Is it safe to swim in Conesus lake?

Health officials say contact with the algae may result in some health issues such as itching, rashes, fever, headache, upper respiratory symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea. The health department advised public not to drink or use the lake water for cooking or swimming.

Is Conesus lake safe to swim in?

You are advised not to drink or use the lake water for cooking and do not swim, wade, play, or come into direct contact with water that is discolored or has scums on the surface. Pets should not be allowed to drink or to come into contact with discolored water.

Is Conesus Lake safe to swim in?