Which decoder is the best for free to air in Nigeria?

Which decoder is the best for free to air in Nigeria?

Best FTA Decoders and Satellite Dishes in Nigeria. Without doubt, Strong and Unique sat decoder are the most patronized free to air decoders in Nigeria.

Which decoder is the best in Nigeria?

Best Cable TV’s in Nigeria and Their Prices (2021)

  1. #1. DSTV.
  2. #2. GoTV.
  3. #3. TSTV.
  4. #4. Startimes.
  5. #5. MyTV.

What is the cost of free TV decoder in Nigeria?

FreeTv decoder to be sold at N9,000 – Manufacturers.

Is Tstv available now?

With the introduction of cable TVs, viewers now have access to national and international channels without stress. The Telecom Satellite TV (TSTV) is among the new generation cable TVs recently introduced in Nigeria. This cable TV is becoming popular among the people and gradually creating its own market.

Is CTL still working in Nigeria?

Coverage. CTL has a very wide coverage with a presence in most major cities in Nigeria. Some of the cities where you are sure to find CTL coverage in Nigeria include Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, Benin, Bayelsa, Delta, Aba, Owerri, Lagos, Warri and several other cities.

Is Kwese decoder free to air?

kwese TV officially terminated their satellite TV operations on August 5, 2019. I am happy to inform you that, that is no longer the case as you can now use your Kwese TV decoder for free to air channels. As a free to air decoder, it means you can watch other satellite tv channels on the decoder.

How do I subscribe my free TV?

Methods to recharge FREE TV

  1. Using USSD Code *894*89413142*1500# from your first bank account and *402*89413142*1500# from other participating banks.
  2. Recharging on their website FREE TV online recharge using your ATM card.

How many channels are on TStv?

Ok, have you also heard that it consist over 200 channels at a very low subscription rate with standard HD view. If yes, this article will guide you on list of channels offered by Telcom Satellites Television. Stay focus and read through.

How much is the monthly subscription for TStv?

Price of TSTV subscription packages in Nigeria

Daily Subscription Package N200
3-Day Subscription package N500
7-Day Subscription package N750
14-Day Subscription package N1500
Monthly Subscription package N3, 000