What KPMG looks for in graduates?

What KPMG looks for in graduates?

We want diversity, commitment and ambition. We recruit across a range of degree disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds. At KPMG, attitude is every bit as important as ability. Being a team player, having passion for what you do and a desire to continuously improve in order to go far.

When did KPMG open in Belfast?

KPMG established its first office here in 1974 and has since demonstrated its commitment to Northern Ireland time and time again as its operation here has continued to grow. “This new investment will see it almost double its workforce in Northern Ireland.

What kind of people do KPMG hire?

Tech-savvy: Any job you apply for will be looking for comfort with the software and online tools you use to complete your job. KPMG is also looking for a candidate who embraces new technology and is willing to share their knowledge with others.

How much does KPMG pay graduate trainee?

Trainee IT Consultant: If you are employed as a Trainee IT in KPMG Nigeria, your monthly income should be in between N215, 000 and N220, 000. This amounts to N2. 42 million and N2. 58 million yearly.

Is KPMG good for freshers?

I worked for 13 months , Good for freshers. Difficult to balance Life because it’s work from home working hours are not fixed, if you’re given target for the day is not completed you have to stretch back.

What country did KPMG originate from?

A history of KPMG Ireland, from the foundation of Stokes Brothers in 1876, to the present day.

Is it possible to work for KPMG in Ireland?

This brochure will provide you with an insight into our firm and how people, like you, are turning their ambition into reality. For you, KPMG provides opportunity – the opportunity to work in Ireland and overseas with leading multinationals, Irish-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What can I do with a degree from KPMG?

KPMG GRADUATE CAREERS 2019/20 09 KPMG sponsor social change through our Enactus and Project Bright programmes where our employees identify issues and we work together on innovative solutions to make a difference. KPMG is the only organisation to have won the Chambers Ireland ‘Overall Outstanding Achievement’ award twice.

When to apply for KPMG gradireland summer internship?

Our gradIreland award winning Internship Programme allows you to become an integral KPMG team member, using your knowledge and skills on big client engagements that really matter – so you can get the most from your summer. Applications for our Summer Internship will open in December 2021. can kick-start your professional life.

How long is the Global Opportunity programme with KPMG?

Our Global Opportunities programme offers you the chance to take up overseas assignments with KPMG for as little as three months or for as long as three years. Get a fresh perspective by learning from business experts in other countries with different cultures and languages.