What is statistical discrimination quizlet?

What is statistical discrimination quizlet?

Statistical Discrimination. Judging an individual on the average characteristics of his or her group. Occupational crowding. Crowding some groups of workers into a limited number of jobs.

Which is an example of statistical discrimination quizlet?

statistical discrimination. A particular woman is denied on-the-job training because women on average are more likely to drop out of the workforce than men.

What is meant by statistical discrimination?

Statistical discrimination arises when groups differ statistically in their distributions on characteristics relevant in a given situation. For example, men may on average take fewer sick days than women do.

What is the overcrowding model?

Pioneered by Bergmann (1974), the overcrowding model shows that women “crowd” into certain occupations, which depresses their wages. The purpose of this paper is to present a search model that explains the occupational asymmetries observed between men and women.

How are labor markets affected by discrimination?

The study also finds that ethnic and gender wage discrimination Granger-cause economic growth—an increase in either type of discrimination leads to a reduction in economic growth. Likewise, higher growth rates, for the most part, lead to lower labor market discrimination.

Which of the following correctly identifies a difference between taste based discrimination and statistical discrimination quizlet?

Which of the following correctly identifies a difference between taste-based discrimination and statistical discrimination? Employers engaging in taste-based discrimination are willing to forego profits, whereas employers engaging in statistical discrimination are trying to enhance profits.

Which group has the highest poverty rate quizlet?

What group has the the higher number of individuals in poverty? Whites because whites are the largest racial/ethnic group there are greater number of whites in poverty than any other.

What is dual labor market theory?

By definition, dual labor market refers to the theory that the American economy, or labor market, is separated into two categories: the Primary Sector and the Secondary Sector. For years, the dual labor market has centered around discrimination, poverty, and public welfare.

What are compensating differentials and how do they impact pay rates?

A compensating differential, which is also called a compensating wage differential or an equalizing difference, is defined as the additional amount of income that a given worker must be offered in order to motivate them to accept a given undesirable job, relative to other jobs that worker could perform.

What are the causes of pay discrimination in the labor market quizlet?

What are the causes of pay discrimination in the labor market? Since women often drop out of the job market to raise a family, their pay is often lower and they are discriminated against. The Equal Pay Act outlaws wage discrimination for jobs that require equal skills. Set-aside contracts help minority groups.