What are the assessment frameworks?

What are the assessment frameworks?

An assessment framework provides a structured conceptual map of the learning outcomes of a programme of study along with details of how achievement of the outcomes can be measured.

What is the common assessment framework NHS?

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is an assessment and planning tool, common across agencies, to ensure children and their families are supported effectively. CAF can be used for: concerns about how well a child is progressing (e.g. health, welfare, behaviour, progress in learning)

What are the 4 frameworks?

The most widely known is the one introduced by Beauchamp and Childress. This framework approaches ethical issues in the context of four moral principles: respect for autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice (see table 1).

What are the 3 areas within the assessment framework?

The assessment covers three domains: development of the child or young person; parents and carers; and family and environment.

What replaced the Common assessment Framework?

The Early Help Assessment
The Early Help Assessment replaced the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as the assessment and planning tool to help coordinated multi-agency support.

What has replaced the common assessment framework?

The Early Help Assessment, replacing the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), is an early assessment and planning tool to facilitate coordinated multi-agency support.

What is the common assessment framework for adults?

The Common Assessment Framework for Adults brings together and builds on the current Single Assessment Process (SAP) and the Care Programme Approach (CPA) in mental health. CAF aims to improve outcomes for all adults with complex, longer-term health and social care needs.

What are lesson frameworks?

A lesson framework is basically a set pattern of stages for you to follow in your lesson. Each framework is essentially an outline; it informs what kind of activity to start with, then what kind of activity to do next, and then how to progress from there- all depending on the type of lesson you want to teach.

What are the 3 main areas of CAF?

The CAF assessment is made up of three sections:

  • Developmental needs of the baby, child or young person: General health; Physical development;
  • Parenting capacity: Basic care and ensuring safety and protection; Emotional warmth and stability;
  • Adult and environmental: Education, employment and training; Housing;