Does Maine require a pistol permit?

Does Maine require a pistol permit?

Open and concealed carry are legal in Maine without a permit​. Any person 21 or older, or at least 18 and active duty or honorably discharged military, who can legally possess a firearm, is allowed to carry openly or concealed. In addition, Maine issues permits for reciprocity purposes.

Can you get a concealed carry permit online in Maine?

Before Maine concealed carry permit application, you must complete a firearm safety course that is organized or licensed by the law enforcement agency. The course could also be Maine concealed carry online, as long as the instructor is state-certified.

How long does it take to get a concealed carry permit in Maine?

The processing time for new Maine Concealed Handgun Permits is within 30 days for Maine Residents that have been a resident for 5 or more years. For residents that have been a resident for less than 5 years and non-residents the processing time is within 60 days.

Can I carry a gun in Maine?

Maine is a constitutional carry and “shall issue” state for concealed carry. As of October 15, 2015, a permit is not needed to carry a firearm – concealed or open – in the state of Maine, provided that the carrier is legally allowed to own a gun and is over 21 or a member or veteran of the military and over age 18.

Can I open carry in Maine?

Yes. Open carry is legal in Maine, and you do not need a permit to do this. However, just like other states, there are restrictions as to where you can open carry, and how you can open carry.

Is Maine an open carry state?

Can you shoot someone on private property in Maine?

Unless otherwise prohibited, a landowner or the landowner’s invitee may discharge a crossbow for recreational target practice purposes on the landowner’s property within 100 yards of a building or residential dwelling without the permission of the owner of that building or dwelling. Sport shooting ranges.