How do I report a fire in Santa Barbara?

How do I report a fire in Santa Barbara?


  2. Call Administration 805-965-5254 or Email [email protected]
  3. Administration/General Inquiries:
  4. Office of Emergency Services.
  5. – Call 805-564-5711 or Email Yolanda McGlinchey [email protected]

How do you write a thank you to a fire department?

1) Thank you so much for putting yourself at risk to help others. I am so grateful for you. I hope you find moments of joy in between these hectic moments.

How many fire stations are in Santa Barbara County?

Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Operational area
IAFF 2046
Facilities and equipment
Battalions 3
Stations 16

What do you say to firefighters?

Statements to say Thank You Firefighters for saving your, or someone’s, life. 01Thank you. You bravely put your lives at risk and entered the flames to save my partner and children. We know this is your job, but it was so scary.

How do you tell a firefighter thank you?

Thank you for all you do, for the sacrifices you make to defend us. I will always feel greatly indebted to you for your willingness to serve and protect us. I want to give you my gratitude for your willingness to sign on the line. Thank You for being willing to sign on the line to do this job, not sure I could do that.

How do you thank a police officer for help?

Thank you for all you do for our community along with the above and beyond kindness. Any time that I have needed help within your area of service, an officer has been there of me and my family. Each one has been courteous and efficient. Thank you for all you do in keeping our community safe.

Do you tell firefighters thank you for your service?

Just about every day, you likely pass police officers, firefighters and paramedics going about their daily business. Just saying a simple “Thank you for your service” can be a great way to show that individual you respect and appreciate what he or she is doing for the community.

Is Santa Barbara liberal or conservative?

Overall, Santa Barbara is a Democratic-leaning county in Presidential and congressional elections. The last Republican to win a majority in the county was George H. W. Bush in 1988.