What happened Youngblood KISS 104?

What happened Youngblood KISS 104?

Youngblood, the host of a long-time weekly oldies show at Kiss 104.1, has left the R&B station. He has been on Atlanta radio for three decades, 20 of it at Kiss. Youngblood confirmed he is gone but declined to comment about what happened. Executives at Cox Media Group, which owns Kiss, did not respond for comment.

What happened Art Terrell?

Cox Media Group Adult R&B “Kiss 104.1” WALR-FM Palmetto/Atlanta is making a morning show change as Art Terrell and Cory ‘Zooman’ Miller have exited the station. Terrell had been with WALR-FM for seventeen years in multiple dayparts until moving to mornings with Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. in November 2017.

What happened Youngblood?

Where is he now? Since Dog the Bounty Hunter ended, little is known about Youngblood’s whereabouts. The native Californian is a single father and is said to have retired from bounty hunting altogether. He divorced his wife Davina Chapman for allegedly cheating on him.

Is Nina Brown Samoan?

Nina Brown In 2005, Nina, a California native of African American and Samoan descent, and student of mass media & broadcasting began her career as an intern at CBS Radio’s, V-103FM.

What happened to Si Man baby?

ATLANTA — Veteran radio host Silas “SiMan Baby” Alexander has been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame inductee shared the news on his Facebook page over the weekend, on his 58th birthday.

Who is Art Terrell?

Art Terrell is widely known in Atlanta and across the country for his mesmerizing voice and captivating personality. While continuing his career at WVEE, he attended Georgia State University and hosted Atlanta’s first hip-hop show, The Fresh Party.

Who are Ybs Youngbloods?

Youngbloods, also known as YBS, is a YouTube channel created by the Australian Brodie Moss. While Brodie is the main face of the channel, and the one who makes the videos, the Youngbloods crew is made up of him and his close friends and family. The YBS Youngbloods are from Exmouth in Western Australia.

Who is Dog the Bounty Hunter’s brother?

Mike Chapman
Duane Chapman/Brothers

How old is Frank Ski?

57 years (May 9, 1964)
Frank Ski/Age

How old is Nina Brown?

39 years (July 12, 1982)
Nina Bo’nina Brown/Age

How old is Silas Alexander?

Radio host Silas ‘SiMan Baby’ Alexander has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He made the announcement on his 58th birthday. Veteran R&B deejay Silas “SiMan Baby” Alexander, 58, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He made the announcement on a video on his public Facebook page on his 58th birthday Saturday.

What is Ybs?

YBS means “You’ll Be Sorry.”