What happened to Philippe Wynne of the Spinners?

What happened to Philippe Wynne of the Spinners?

He was 43 years old. Mr. Wynne died of a heart attack at Providence Hospital, according to Sonny Buxton, a spokesman for Ivey’s, the club where Mr.

Who did Philippe Wynne replace in the Spinners?

Mr. Cameron
Bell became their producer and Mr. Wynne replaced Mr. Cameron as the second lead vocalist. The Spinners, in various permutations, stayed together after the hits stopped coming in the 1980s, and despite his health problems Mr.

What was the cause of death for Philippe Wynne?

Heart attack
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Is Philippe Wynne still alive?

Deceased (1941–1984)
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How many of the original Spinners are still living?

In February 2013, Smith died, leaving Fambrough as the only original member. The current version of the group consists of Fambrough along with newer members Washington, Peck, Taylor and the newest member, Ronnie “Raheem” Moss. The Spinners have left a legacy of wonderful music in their five decades together.

How old is Henry Fambrough?

83 years (10 May 1938)
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Who died in the Spinners?

Bobby Smith
DETROIT — Bobby Smith, longtime lead singer of The Spinners, died Saturday in Orlando of complications from pneumonia and the flu, his family said. He was 76. Smith had been diagnosed with lung cancer in November.

Who did Philippe Wynne sing for?

The Spinners1972 – 1977
The Pacemakers
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Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Oakland, California, U.S. Philippé Wynne (aka Philippe Escalante Wynn; né Walker; April 3, 1941 – July 14, 1984) was an American singer, best known for his role as a lead vocalist of The Spinners (a role he shared with fellow group members Bobby Smith, and Henry Fambrough).

How many Spinners are left?

How old is Henry Fambrough of The Spinners?

Where is Philippe Wynne buried?

Philippe Wynne

Birth 3 Apr 1941 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Death 14 Jul 1984 (aged 43) West Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA
Burial Detroit Memorial Park East Warren, Macomb County, Michigan, USA
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Are any of the original Spinners still living?

Lead singer Bobby Smith died on March 16, 2013. The group, which still tours actively, consists of Henry Fambrough (the only surviving original member), C. J. Jefferson, Jessie Peck, Marvin Taylor and Ronnie Moss. In 2017, the Spinners were inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame.

When did Philippe Wynne join the spinners?

So in 1971, Philippé became a member of The Spinners where his productions provided the perfect framework for his distinctive and brilliant vocalizing talents. Even though Philippé became one of the three lead vocalists in the group (along with Henry Fambrough, and Bobby Smith), he would soon take center stage.

Who was the lead singer of the spinners?

Even though Philippé became one of the three lead vocalists in the group (along with Henry Fambrough, and Bobby Smith), he would soon take center stage. The ‘70s was indeed a golden era for The Spinners who under the musical guidance of hit-maker Thom Bell became one of the greatest R&B groups of the time.

When did Philippe Wynne’s parents get divorced?

His parents, DeGree Walker and Annie (née Wynn) divorced in November 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Where did Philippe Wynne live in Las Vegas?

Wynne married Ava Leflor on February 1, 1973, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had two sons, Emmanuel Wynn (1973–2001) and Alvarez Escalante Wynn (1975–1999). Ava was from the Los Angeles suburb of Compton, California, and the four of them moved back to California after Philippé left The Spinners. Philippé and Ava eventually divorced. Wynne died in 1984.