What does Sh Zen mean?

What does Sh Zen mean?

The name Sh’Zen means natural in Japanese and reflects our philosophy and simple approach to beauty. We carefully select essential oils and plant extracts to formulate therapeutic blends that promote harmony not only for the skin and body, but for the mind and spirit as well.

Are Sh Zen products good?

Sh’Zen Excellent quality and service. I have been buying Sh’Zen products from the Emerald Regional Manager in Parow for over 20 years. The quality of the products is exceptional. They are quite expensive, but when the excellent quality is taken into consideration you are definitely getting what you paid for.

Who owns sh Zen?

Ingrid Alexander –
Ingrid Alexander – Owner – ShZen | LinkedIn.

How does sh Zen work?

Once you start your Sh’Zen business, you’ll begin earning commission right away. You receive between 20% to 25% commission on personal sales. Gathering just five orders a week could put an extra R1 000 in your pocket every month! You could earn even more by building a team of women who love what you love.

Is Sh Zen cruelty free?

All products are vegan.

How do you use Shzen Skin Tone Corrector?

Massage into dry, freshly cleansed and toned skin. Allow it to absorb into the areas of discolouration before applying further treatments. To maximise its benefits, use it at night, when the active ingredients can penetrate more effectively and work in conjunction with skin’s overnight repair processes.

Where are Shzen products made?

Our high-treatment products are made in South Africa using the best essential and plant oils. Working with a top cosmetic scientist and clinical aromatherapist, we expertly combine and synergise ingredients for optimum affinity with your skin.

What is better than petroleum jelly?

Cocoa, shea, and mango butters are natural occlusive ingredients. Many plant oils work to soothe, soften, and heal the skin just as effectively if not more so than Vaseline or other petrolatum products Not only are these ingredients effective, but they are gentle on skin and safer for our planet.

Can vegans use Dove soap?

Is Dove Vegan? Dove uses animal-derived ingredients & by-products in its products, therefore Dove is not vegan.