Who owns San Mames?

Who owns San Mamés?

San Mamés Barria, S.L.
Inaugurated on 16 September 2013, the stadium replaced the “old” San Mamés as the home of Athletic Bilbao. With a capacity of 53,289 seats, San Mamés is the 8th-largest stadium in Spain and the largest in the Basque Country….San Mamés Stadium (2013)

Owner San Mamés Barria, S.L.
Operator Athletic Bilbao
Capacity 53,289

What is the capacity of San Mamés?

San Mamés/Capacity

What stadium is in Bilbao?

San Mamés
Athletic Club/Arenas/Stadiums

Winner of the ‘Sports’ category at the 2015 World Architecture Festival and Venue of the Year at the 2017 World Football Summit, the new San Mamés has become an icon in the city of Bilbao. It’s created a new atmosphere whilst keeping fans close to the pitch like the old stadium.

How do you get tickets to Athletic Bilbao?

Athletic Bilbao Tickets Tickets for Athletic Club matches can be bought online, or at the ticket windows of San Mames from two days before the match (in the morning and evening hours). Tickets are also available at the ticket windows of San Mamés from two hours before the start of the match.

What is the name of Athletic Club Stadium?

Athletic Club/Arenas/Stadiums

Where is Athletico Bilbao stadium?