What are the Dani people?

What are the Dani people?

The Dani people, also spelled Ndani, and sometimes conflated with the Lani group to the west, are a people from the central highlands of western New Guinea (the Indonesian province of Papua). They are one of the most populous tribes in the highlands, and are found spread out through the highlands.

Where are the Dani tribe now?

Today, the last of the Dani still wear ‘koteka’ or penis sheaths, but keep their money in banks. The Dani people populate the Baliem Valley in Papua, a province of Indonesia.

What language do the Dani people speak?

Identification. Dani is a general term used by outsiders for peoples speaking closely related Papuan (Non-Austronesian) languages in the central highlands of Irian Java, Indonesia (formerly Netherlands New Guinea, West New Guinea, Irian Barat).

Are there still tribes in New Guinea?

A major part of the Papua New Guinea culture is still tribal living. With that fact in mind, there are over 800 languages spoken in the country, and most of them are languages from the indigenous people or tribes scattered all over the islands.

What are New Guinea natives called?

The indigenous peoples of New Guinea, commonly called Papuans, are Melanesians.

What kind of modern civilization do Dutch bring to native people of Baliem Valley?

The Dutch established a settlement in Wamena in 1956, bringing civilization to the native Dani people in the form of schoolteachers, new breeds of livestock, modern clothing, radio technology and metal tools.

What race are Papua New Guinea?

One ethnic group found in Papua New Guinea are the Melanesians, also sometimes referred to as the Papuans. Traditionally, Melanesia was comprised of two different types of people, the Papuans (the first to arrive to Melanesia) and Austronesians (who arrived much later).

Where does the Dani tribe live in Papua New Guinea?

posted by Chris Valentine. The Dani tribe of Papua New Guinea live mostly in the area of the Baliem Valley, which is located in the central highlands (Papua New Guinea). They are more popular with the outside world than other tribes in the area mostly because of tourism. Contact with the Dani tribe was made in the beginning of the 20th century.

Where do the Dani live in the world?

The various Dani groups live in and around the Balim River, approximately 4 ° S, 138 ° to 139 ° E. The greatest concentration of Dani is in the Grand Valley of the Balim. To the north and west of the Grand Valley, in the upper Balim and adjacent drainage areas, live the Western Dani.

What did the Dani tribe do for a living?

Another thing which brought fame to the Dani tribe are the several hundred years old ”smoked” mummies of famous tribesmen. Two of them can be seen in the Baliem valley – in Akima and Jiwika villages. Extracting salt by immersing banana stems in salt lakes is another relatively well known custom.

When was the first contact with the Dani people?

First contact with the populous Western Dani was made in October 1920 during the Central New Guinea Expedition, which group of explorers stayed for six months with them at their farms in the upper Swart River Valley (now Toli Valley).