Which faction in PlanetSide 2 is the best?

Which faction in PlanetSide 2 is the best?

If you like weapons that are extremely comfortable to keep firing and firing for a long time, hosing people down with relentless amounts of damage and huge magazine sizes, controlling an area by locking it down with a killzone of gunfire: Pick Terran Republic.

How do I unlock Betelgeuse?

The Betelgeuse 54-A is a light machine gun available to the Vanu Sovereignty. It is unlocked upon completion of the Master Light Machine Guns directive.

What is the new conglomerate?

The New Conglomerate is a separatist faction determined to remain free of the controlling and domineering Republic. They feel that any form of control is oppression and that a miserable free man is better off than a contented slave.

What are Auraxium weapons?

Auraxium Weapons are the weapons you get when you finish the master tier of a weapon directive by getting 1160 kills on 4-5 weapons in a certain class. They’re a special version of the default weapon of that class with a unique set of attachments that you cannot change.

What are the different factions in Planetside 2?

Planetside 2, has three factions:

  • New Conglomerate – Terran Republic – Vanu Sovereignty.
  • All factions are competitive in all areas.
  • Lore: The Terran Republic have become an authoritarian government that leverages military might to maintain strict control over the colonial citizens.

What year does Planetside 2 take place?

In the year 2426, acting upon intelligence that suggested imminent and simultaneous attacks, the Earth’s six greatest nations declared war on one another.

Are there any good guns in PlanetSide 2?

Planetside 2 has tons of guns that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding soldiers out there. But you must realize, that none of these guns will get you “EZ victory” if you’ll simply equip it. The guns presented in this list are merely a suggestion, each of them varies depending on the player’s demands and his playstyle.

What is the best weapon for heavy assault for TR?

The best close quarters to close/mid range LMG for TR is the MSW-R. Once you get used to having a 50 round magazine its easy to dominate with it. The best general purpose LMG is the T9 Carv that you start with. The (default) Carv can do well at all ranges.

What’s the best weapon for TR medic?

Aim, point it at the upper chest so the recoil will help you end up looking at their head and fire in short bursts. This rule of thumb works for all guns all of which will still take five mags to kill anything otherwise. All the other guns in the game are just variations on the defaults.

What kind of weapons does a Terran use?

Terran’s weaponry relies on high rates of fire and extended ammo capacity. Whether it’s a carbine, SMG, or an LMG, their weapons shoot their large magazines fast with low recoil, but at a cost of reduced overall damage, although DPS is compensated by the previously mentioned rate of fire.